10 Illegal Things That We All Do On Internet Without Knowing

Hola viewers! Welcome to Humor Nation.’ Illegal’; what comes to your mind when you first read this? A theft? A murder? or any other officially declared crime? But unknowingly even we get into these illegal acts on a regular basis. I am sure you might be wondering how the heck is this possible?

Well, to your astonishment, it’s via the internet. Yes, Internet our 24×7 hangout partner traits us. We unknowingly enter some activities that are officially declared unlawful.

Not your fault! There are as far a huge number of laws that are associated with the internet.  They also vary from country to country and its really a tough task for all of us to remember each one of them.

But let’s check out some illegal things that we ever did on the net.scroll down and am sure you ‘ll come across some interesting facts.

1. Connecting To Unsecured, Non-Public Wifi

we all have done this before the data charges were low, and even now some people are always in search of free wifi. But do we know this is illegal? The cyber crime department is quite alert these days and so its suggested to avoid such practices to safeguard your personal data.

10 Illegal Things That We All Do On Internet Without Knowing

2. Sharing Passwords

There are various illegal sites that have adult content and are secured. But once you try to log in they send you a password. Remember even you are entering into an illegal term by accepting this password.

3. Unofficial Screenings

We happily surf the sites that show our favorite contents for free. But these sites are already into the unlawful state. The content shown is pirated and is against the channel’s copyright.

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4. Faking Accounts

All our fake named accounts and links are officially unlawful. Though we own them and surf only for fun, we are actually unaware of the trouble it can bring to us.

5. Ad Blockers

We all love to block those annoying ads that appear in mid of our games or videos. But some countries have declared this act ILLEGAL.

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