10 Indian Comics That We As A Kid Grew Up Reading

6. Panchatantra

Every household had a Panchatantra book and the stories in it were penned by a scholar named Vishnu Sharma. The stories in it had various animal characters which became famous amongst the children and these stories also taught moral values.

7. Champak

Champak was different from all the comics as it had jokes, brain teasers, puzzles and some other activities which the kids usually found amusing in addition to the stories it had. This comic was founded by Dinesh Singh in 1968.

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8. Chandamama

Chandamama presented interesting and colorful mythological tales and this children magazine was very fondly read by kids. This comic had a very unique way of storytelling that presented moral values.

9. Vikram Betal

Vikram Betal was the most famous duo and this comic series was praised by all age group people. The stories in it were very interesting and refreshing and even some shows were made on the basis of this book.

10. Bankelal

This comic series was published by Raj comics and was the best comedy series that always entertained its readers. The Jodi of Bankelal and the king was found very amusing and the stories are still very fascinating to all its readers.

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