10 Indian Dacoits Who Made Chambal A Fearsome Area

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Dacoits are the ones who commit all sorts of crime like murder, robbery, kidnapping etc. Chambal is well known for the existence of many dacoits and nobody can visit those places because of their fear. Let’s know more about the dacoits of the Chambal.

So let’s quickly check out the Indian dacoits who made Chambal a fearsome area

1. Maan Singh

Maan Singh was active from the year 1935 to 1955, he killed 185 people out of which 32 were police officers and committed 1,112 robberies. He worked and operated from Chambal along with his sons, nephews, and brothers. He was referred to as the’ Robin Hood’ of the area because he always helped the local people in and around his village. In the year 1955 he along with his son, Subedar was shot dead by Gurkha troops. Now, he is worshipped as a god in Khera Rathore.

2. Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi was born in a poverty struck family and was the youngest child in her family. She was married at the age of 10 to a man who was 12 years elder than him, he was very abusive and used to rape her, she used to run away from him and used to come back to her paternal’s place. Her in-laws then refused to accept her for the second time when she ran away. She then joined the bandits at Chambal and then she killed her husband along with some bandits, her fearsome started off from then. The gang of which she was a part saw a clash between the mullahs and Thakurs and then Phoolan was kidnapped by the Thakurs and was raped many times by several men. When she was set free by them, then she returned and killed 22 Thakurs with her gang. In 1983, Phoolan Devi surrendered and when she was released in the year 1996, she joined politics. On 25th July 2001, she was killed by 3 men in Delhi.

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3. Paan Singh Tomar

Due to some land disputes, Paan Singh Tomar had to become a dacoit, otherwise, he was a subedaar at Roorkee with Bengal Engineers. He was a national champion in the steeplechase for about 7 years and his record in 3000-meter steeplechase remained unbroken for about 10 years. When Paan Singh Tomar got into a land dispute over his land with a man named Babu Singh who assaulted his mother, he turned into a dacoit and killed Babu Singh. Tomar was killed along with his members by 60 police officers.

4. Putli Bai

Putli Bai was the first woman dacoit of India, earlier she used to dance for livelihood. Once she was kidnapped by Sultana, a dacoit and was then returned after a few days. When police pressurized her to act as an informant, she turned her ways towards the dacoit. Eventually, she fell in love with Sultana Daku and had two children with him, but when Sultana was killed by some authorities, Putli Bai killed the man who was responsible for that. She then became the leader of the gang and started operating from Chambal. Putli Bai was responsible for a number of murders, kidnapping, and robberies. She was shot dead with her lover Kalla while they were trying to cross the river to escape from the police hunt.

5. Malkhan Singh

Malkhan Singh became a dacoit when the sarpanch in his village captured the temple land. When Malkan tried to oppose him for doing so, the sarpanch got his close friend killed and had him arrested and the police also wouldn’t do anything against the sarpanch. In retaliation, he became a dacoit and ended him. In 1982, Malkhan Singh along with his gang surrendered all their crimes and now he is running panchayat polls.


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