10 Indian Villages That Will Leave You Speechless!

Welcome to Humor Nation. India is the land of cultures. The yellow fields of Punjab, the green lands of Himachal, the forests of Madhya Pradesh and the coconut trees of Kerela  provides the nation with a vibrant captivating scenic beauty that no other country posses. Indian villages have always been a trend talk since ages, be it the poetic creations of Kabir or the major concerns of the government they have always held a valuable remark.

Though these days the urban residents have a conception of rural areas being a home to the illiterates, deprived of basic amenities, and being a feast to poverty. The villages have shown a jaw dropping development and have overpowered the view.

Here we have  a list of 10 unique villages which can readily compete with developed metro cities over various circumstances.


10 Indian Villages That Will Leave You Speechless!The village of Malana is an solitary land at Himachal pradesh attracting peasants searching for peace. History bookmarked this place as one of the first democracies of the world. the residents of Malana are well deciplined and follow their customs wholeheartedly.


Chappar village is a rebuttal to its own state Haryana. Besides having a female sarpanch Nilam, it also holds the highest girls ratio in the state. All thanks to Nilam, who vowed to change the perspective towards women. Every new born is happily welcomed in the village and the ritual of carrying ghunghat is also abolished.


When all the developed cities now realised the value of cleanliness, Mawlynnong already owned the crown of being the ‘Cleanest Village In Asia’ in the year 2003. The villagers are well aware of their responsibilties and you won’t possibly find a cigarette butt or polybags carelessly abondoned.

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If you too belive that villages are all about frequent powercuts, Dharnai is a must visit fr you. Its the first entirely solar powered village. The people here need not to worry about the electricity issues and can customise their tasks accordingly without this consideration.


It would make absolute sense to tag Pansari as the most developed village in the country. The village provides for a well equuiped wi-fi connection , air conditioned classrooms for its students and also has provision for CCTV cameras. Government of India is responsible to fund their facilitations.



Shetphal is the most astounding village I ever heard about. The villagers not only worship the snakes but also provide them freedom to rome around safely. You can easily find an Indian cobra sliding comfortably in any house but it would take you centuries to find a snake bite case in the city.


To all those proud urban residents, Can you imagine your house without doors? No? The safety questions trouble you right? presenting you a village with no doors and no police stations. Shocked? furthermore adding to your astonishment it now hosts the first lockless  branch of UCO bank.


Hiware Bazaar the village of the riches has its own story. The destiny changer of the village is Popatrao Pawar. It was his genius efforts and idea that he convinced the villagers to invest in rain water harvesting, milch cattle etc to get them a better source of earning. he successfully brought down the number of below poverty line families from 168 in 1995 to 3 at present.

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Its really hard to listen chirping birds at a city site. All thats seen is a save birds campaign. Kokrebellur must be an inspiration to be followed by the cities.These soft hearted villagers provide home to all the rae bird species and also aids the injured ones.


Next time that you say ‘villages are a palace of illiterates’ mind your words! The Pothanikakad village of Kerela is enough to put all the literate cities into the envelope of deep shame with its fact of giving a 100% literacy rate i.e. still a distant dream for many cities. It provides city style schooling facilities and also separate primary sections.

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