10 Indian Women Who Inspired, Moved Us, And Set An Example For The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Everyone admires strength and our women are standing and are always going out of the way to get what they deserve on their strength. The whole perspective about how women should live and be treated is changing and it is all because of our Indian women who stood for themselves.

So here is a list of those Indian women who stood up and inspired us a lot!

1. Phoolan Devi

10 Indian Women Who Inspired And Moved Us All

Phoolan devi was the lady gangester of India who joined politics afterwards. She proved us all that no one should cross a strong woman and people may have different opinions about her but she made her place in a male dominated society.

2. Iron Sharmilla

10 Indian Women Who Inspired And Moved Us All

She is known as the Iron Lady of India and she has been on fast for 14 years and more. Sharmilla has been on a protest against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. She is surely a strong lady.

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3. Kiran Bedi

10 Indian Women Who Inspired And Moved Us All

Kiran Bedi is a popular face and she issued traffic ticket to Indira Gandhi which proves that she isn’t afraid of anyone. She is the one who changed the whole face of Indian Police and is now a strong member of Parliament.

4. Mary Kom

10 Indian Women Who Inspired And Moved Us All

Without any advanced or good training she reached heights of success in Bollywood. Her struggle is known to all and she is surely an inspiration for all the women who don’t live for their dream.

5. Neerja Bhanot

10 Indian Women Who Inspired And Moved Us All

Neerja Bhanot faced a lot of criticism due to divorce but still she lived up to her dream became a model and flight attendant. She died as a hero while saving kids from terrorists in Karachi.

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