10 Indian Women Who Inspired, Moved Us, And Set An Example For The World

6. Sampat Pal Devi

She is known to be a badass woman of India and she is the founder of the gulabi gang. Her gang dresses up in pink sarees and nobody dares to mess up with them otherwise they teach a violent lesson to them and specially the men in their society.

7. Bachendri Pal

Bachendri was the first woman to climb the Mount Everest in the year 1984. No other woman even tried to do so before her as they never thought they could do it.

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8. Tessy Thomas

Tessy Thomas is popularly known as the Missile Woman of India and she worked on the Agni IV project and made that missile project come to life.

9. Sumitha Krishnan

Sumitha Krishnan was just 16 when she was gang raped but that incident did not break her faith in herself and she founded one of the best NGOs in India to stop girl trafficking and it is a high profile NGO.

10. Bhanwari Devi

Bhanwari Devi worked against child marriage and that led to her gang rape by high caste men as they did not like her approach towards the topic. She filed a case which went up to Supreme Court that led to the creation of first sexual harassment guideline. She also works for the welfare of local municipality.

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