10 Indian Women Who Were First In Their Fields

Hello readers! welcome back to Humor Nation. This society made barriers to women in every aspect. Read this article and ask a question to yourself that woman do really need this society to empower her or she can stand alone for herself. So let’s talk about those Indian women who achieved something great and proved this society that nobody can give their dreams a limit.

So here is the list of 10 Indian women who were first in their fields!

1. Anandi Gopal Rao Joshi

10 Indian Women Who Were First In Their Fields

Who breaks the barriers of society which said women do not have a right to education which a man has. The first physician in the year 1887. She was the first who was trained in western medicine and marked a milestone for other women too.

2. Roshni Sharma

A woman who doesn’t dream of sitting behind a man on a bike like usual ladies do, she knocks down that thinking and became the first women biker to drive from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

3. Reita Faria

A woman who is the biggest example of beauty with brain. She is an Indian model, doctor and the Miss World 1966 and the first Asian who won that.

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4. Mithali Raj

Who proved that cricket is not a sport only for men. A woman who scores double hundred in test cricket and showed the strength of a woman.

5. Mother Teresa

Who won Nobel peace prize in 1979. a woman who converts the kindness of a woman not into her weakness but make it as her power and became the unbeatable example of humanity.

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