10 Indian Women Who Were First In Their Fields

6. Anjali Gupta

Who proved that you need not to give wings to make her fly. She is the first Indian female flying officer in the Indian air force.

7. Justice M.Fatima Biwi

Who made a difference in all those women’s life who stopped dreaming under Burka. She was the first female judge appointed in Supreme Court of India in 1989.

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8. Mary Kom

The only women boxer who has won the medal in all six world championships and who qualified for 2012 boxing and especially she is a powerful mother who plays for her motherland.

9. Bachendri Pal

Who thinks that nothing can beat the heights of her dreams? The first Indian women to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1984.

10. Indira Gandhi 

A woman who lead the whole country for 10 years. She became the first woman prime minister of India and served our nation from 1966 to 1977.

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