10 Insane School Punishments That Crossed All Limits

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Whenever we did something wrong in school, it was obviously known that now we’ll get punished for doing so. But that punishment would not be more than getting hit by the scale on our palm or making us stand outside the class or calling our parents, we were just used to such punishments. But you’ll be scared to know that in some places the school punishments are so bizarre that no kid would ever repeat a mistake because of that fear, it is just beyond what we faced. So let’s start and discuss it more.

So here are the 10 most insane school punishments that we must have never witnessed!

10. Kneeling on frozen peas

Recently a picture went viral that looked like two fingers with some sort of disease, but after examination, it was said that it was an Asian girl’s leg who was forced to kneel on frozen peas due to her disobedient behavior.

9. Holding hands after a fight

Usually, when used to get into a fight in school, our teachers used to beat us to get us suspended. But in Westwood High School in Arizona, the students who got into a fight were given two option, either hold hands and sit in the courtyard or get suspended. So holding hands was a better option of course for them.

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8. Wearing a sign

There are many ways to punish your kid if they bring fewer marks in their exam, but a parent from Florida forced his child to wear a sign and stand in the street for his low achievements. By this many other parents also started to punish their child by making them wear some signs.

7. Cone of shame

A school punishment named Cone of shame is very famous in Florida in which the teacher would punish a student by making him wear a cone of shame that was actually a cone-shaped plastic dog collar which used to stop dogs from disturbing their wounds.

6. Eat lunch off the floor

A student of Charles Elementary School, New Jersey was forced to eat lunch off the floor when he accidentally spilled water on the ground while filling his bottle. This story was denied by the school but it was true as many confirmed to it.

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