10 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Nokia

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Nokia is one of the most famous and well trusted mobile company brands for years. It is now in agreement with the Microsoft Corporation in order to sell its devices and services. So let’s know more about this company and its history.

So here are the 10 interesting facts about the most loved brand of India: NOKIA!

1. Did you know that Nokia actually started off as a paper production company? Well yes, in 1865 in Finland Nokia started as a paper production company which was established by Fredrik Idestan.

10 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Nokia

2. The name “Nokia” was originated from the word “Nokianvirta” which is the name of a river. This was basically named after this river because on the banks of this river Nokia was established.

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3. Before entering into the electronics business, Nokia also worked as a rubber, cables and electricity unit. Nokia’s rubber boots became a classic design but it is not made by this company anymore.

4. The famous tune of Nokia was based on the work of a Spanish musician and guitarist from the 19th century named “Grans Vals”.

5. Have you ever noticed that there is no number 4 in Nokia handset? Well, have a look because they think number 4 is an unlucky number for their region.

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