10 Interesting Details In Supernatural That You Never Noticed

You’d have to be more than naturally …be supernaturally..attentive and perceptive to pick up on these not so obvious tidbits. For this list, we will be covering some of the very interesting details, things that you probably missed while watching Supernatural. Join Humor Nation as we count down our list of small details that you likely missed in Supernatural.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Interesting Details In Supernatural That You Never Noticed

10: A Familiar Locale

10 Interesting Details In Supernatural That You Never Noticed

Finding a good location for shooting can be pretty hard when you have a tight budget. That is the reason why the show has used the location of Riverview Hospital which is located in Vancouver, Canada several times. It appeared first as a mental institution then been used as a prison, hospital, and apartments.

9: Weekly World News

We have seen Sam and Dean Winchester in many several episodes claiming to work for or reading the newspaper “Weekly World News”. A tabloid newspaper that has stopped its publication now. But during its publication, it did run a run story about the show and its characters in 2007.

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8: Dean’s Amulet

We have seen Dean wearing an unusual, horned person’s face amulet which he received as a git from his younger brother Sam. The amulet serves a a symbol of his relationship with his brother. It even grows in the presence of God. Even though the purpose and actual origin of the amulet remains a mystery, many people are trying to find out the cultural origin of the amulet. The horned figure depicted on the amulet is speculated to be derived from Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and many other ancient cultures, but none to be confirmed.

7: Recast Actors

Similar to the locations, the human actors has also been reused by Supernatural. We have seen many actors playing multiple roles and characters due to possession or shapeshifting. The show has also featured many guest stars and extras who went on to earn more additional roles in the future.

6: Meta Injuries

The Winchesters in the many seasons of the show have received, but the actors who play these characters, especially Jared Padalecki, who plays the role of Sam, have received some worse injuries so notable that they were actually written into the show. During the second season, Sam tells Dean that he has broken his hand while fighting a zombie. We see him wearing a cast for several episodes and this is because Padalecki broke his wrist while filming the previous episode.

5: H. H. Holmes / Jack the Ripper

Dr. H.H. Holmes, who is among the first documented serial killers of the United Stats. The characters appeared in Supernatural where he continues his killing spree as a spirit. His episode of appearance contains many references to the real life of Dr. H.H. Holmes, such as the “murder castle” and him being sealed in concrete after his death. We get to see the pictures of the victims of Holmes, but one of the victims is actually the victim of Jack The Ripper

4: Notably Numbered Hotel Rooms

10 Interesting Details In Supernatural That You Never Noticed

Supernatural like many other long running shows has developed a habit of placing easter eggs in its episodes. We always see the Winchesters on the road, staying in the cheap motels and hotels. The creators of the show used the numbers of the motel rooms to make references, to the 100th and 200th episodes of the show, with both featuring the brothers staying in rooms 100 and 200 respectively.

3: All in the Family

10 Interesting Details In Supernatural That You Never Noticed

While Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester met his wife on the show and even his parents appeared as extras. Many of the show’s cast members’ relatives have had small, uncredited appearances on Supernatural. We saw Jensen Ackles’ dad, wife, and his family making appearances in cameo roles.

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2: The Wrong Book

10 Interesting Details In Supernatural That You Never Noticed

The book ‘Supernautral’ which tells the tale of Winchesters, written by the terrible writer and the prophet Chuck Shurley has been referenced every now and then. The books has been used as a reference materials for the fellow hunters, even our dear Charlie Bradbury has them on the tablet. So when we see Charlie displaying the series’ book covers on the tablet as a reference for a supernatural case and ruling out the creatures not responsible. Of course, eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the names listed don’t correspond to the pictures.

1: Wedding Photo

10 Interesting Details In Supernatural That You Never Noticed

One of the most entertaining episodes of the series is “The French Mistake” which follows Sam and Dean breaking the fourth wall and are transported to the world of the viewers. The Winchesters find themselves on the set of “Supernatural” and realize that they are actually Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. So When Dean and Sam make a visit to the Padalecki’s house. The house is not Jared’s real house, but the wedding photo on the mantle is actually the real one. The surprise on Jared’s face is actually real, he didn’t know that the weddding picture would be used.

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