10 Interesting Facts About Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj

6. His another mission if to empower the women of our country and teach them self defense to protect their pride and glory.

7. He is also a stunt mentor and founder & CEO of SASS9 and Mission Prahar.

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8. Shifuji is also a master of languages and he knows various different languages like  Hindi, Sanskrit, Haryanvi, Bengali, Punjabi, English, Awadhi, Hebrew, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Russian, Gujarati, Arabic, Chinese and few more.

9. He is the founder of Indian warrior monks, Urban warfare and military arts, Guru of of Kallari skills and master of Kallaripayatt (World’s oldest form of Indian martial arts of Kerala). He is also trainer of Mumbai police force and mentor of army’s combatants.

10. He also posts his videos related to patriotism and his words reaches our hearts as they are so strong. You must watch his videos as they are very positive, motivating and brings out high spirit in us.

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