10 Interesting Facts About The Famous Mumbai Dabbawallas

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Dabbawallas are really the life saviors of those who miss homemade food at their workplace because not all people can eat those fast foods everyday. These Dabbawallas have worked for years and they surely make all their customers happy and that is why today we’ll know more about these Mumbai Dabbawallas. According to Wikipedia, 175000-200000 lunchboxes are moved everyday by 4-5k dabbawallas and they make like one mistake in 8 million deliveries. So let’s start!

So here are some interesting facts about the famous Mumbai Dabbawallas!

1. It started back in 1890

10 Interesting Facts About The Famous Mumbai Dabbawallas

The founder of this Dabbawala system was Mahadeo Bhavaji Bachche and at first he only used to give Dabbas to a Parsi banker and the British officer. But soon this business expanded and more people demanded for these Dabbas and then he started a deliver system and many men started working under him.

2. In 2011 they went on strike for the first time

For 120 years the Dabbawallas gave non stop service to their customers and even during the heave floods of 2005 they delivered the Dabbas. But during Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption about 5000 Dabbawallas went on strike and joined him.

3. Efficiency and Accuracy

The Dabbawallas are quite efficient in their work and the error in their work is said to be 1 in a million. They are certified under ISO 9001-2000 and their service is the best and on time.

4. Color code for the identification of lunch boxes

Yes, they may not use computers to handle their data and all but they have very good knowledge about everything. They color code their boxes to identify which box belongs to which owner and has to be delivered where.

5. Dabbawallas were subject to study and research

The Dabbawallas were a subject of research and that was conducted by the Indian Institute of Management and a case study was published. They said that their work was an example of excellence in logistics.

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