Countries And Their Scary Methods Of Interrogation

Hello Readers! Welcome To Humor Nation. Have you ever heard about SERE? Okay, it is the legal method of interrogation. Where the initials stand for Survival, evasion, resistance, and escape.

Different nations follow different methods of interrogation. Some may sound lenient to the criminals. But, some are actually horrible!

These are 10 nations and the specific method of interrogation that they follow!

10.  Isolation – America

This is keeping the criminal in an isolated area. This gets him into anxiety and depression. Therefore, he reveals the truth.

10 Countries And Their Method Of Interrogation

9. Sleep Deprivation – Israel

The President of Israel went through this. Sleep deprivation irritates the culprit. This makes interrogation easier.

8. Sensory Deprivation – Common

This method is about blocking respiration. The Culprit has to stay underwater. Then he makes the accurate confession.

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7. Stress Positions – U.S.

The criminal stands in a single position until the interrogation is complete. The Added savage, their situations are made tougher.

6. Sensory Bombardment – U.S

This is to disturb the human senses. Extreme of resources like light and noise and bombarded over the criminal. The torture results in better interrogation.

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