10 Kids Who Sued Their Parents!

Hello people! Welcome to Humor Nation. Today, we have bought you up a very interesting topic. Parents are most valuable people of anybody’s life. But here we bring you some cases where children felt that their parents could not do better with their responsibilities and sued them.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Kids Who Sued Their Parents!

1. Unnamed Teenager

In September 2016, an unnamed Australian 18 year old teenager took her parents to court. She filed a case against her parents, telling that they posted numerous pictures (decent and indecent), to the Internet since her childhood. She even tried to talk to them but they said that – It is not wrong , if we post the pictures of our choice over net. She was upset of her parents posting around 500 pictures from her childhood. She claimed that her parents have no recognition of her privacy.

2. Arkansa

This was again a Facebook related case occurred in 2010. Arkansas mother secretly logged into his account and posted some unethical status and comments. She also changed his password, which got discovered by him later. He then filed a case against her and as a result she was punished for 20 days arrest.

3. The Canadian case

It was reported in 2006 that, a father had grounded her daughter because she broke some rules. She was 12 years old, she used family computer and posted some pictures of her, over Internet which were inappropriate for a girl of her age. She was grounded, and she missed an school trip for which she was looking forward too. She filed the case against her father that the punishment was too hard and did not fit the crime. She won the case.

4. Steven and Catherine Miner

These both kids were raised by their father in a 1.5 million home. They both did well. They  filed the case against their mother who left the at an early age, saying that she intentional infliction of emotional distress among the supposedly damning evidence was a birthday card with a thoughtful inscription that Stephen Miner deemed inappropriate because it didn’t contained case or any cheque. He also said that her mother smacked his head once, he still suffers the headaches.

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