10 Kids Who Sued Their Parents!

5. Jordan Zeidman

Long island student Jordan Zeidman was promised by his maternal grand mother that she would give him $ 5000 at his 2007 bar mitzvah. Grand mother gave envelop to Shirley Zeidman – Jordan’s mother to hold . He received that envelope but not the case. He filed case against her mother that she took his money away. Court then compelled her to pay 5000$ to Jordan along with 9% interest that makes up a total of $ 11000.

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6. Rachel Canning

In 2014, Rachel Canning left her family home and went to live with the family of her best friend. She then filed a case against her parent that they did not pay for her studies and living. Her parents said that she voluntarily left the house. As court denied Rachel’s request. She came back in in September, and lived with her family. She later announced on social media that she would be attending New England University on scholarship.

7. Catlin Richey

In 2013, Catlin Richey bought up the same case as Rachel Canning. She sued her parents who got divorced, for college tuition. Her parents said that she left because she refused to follow some rules and deal with the alleged drinking problem. Her mother Maura McGarvey , whom Caitlin is living with says that Caitlin was told multiple times, that if she would move out no more child support would be coming. She would be on her own for college.  Court asked her parents to pay $906 for college. After, that she filed another case against her parents to pay for her tuition at much more expensive university. She again won the case.

8. Shawn Rush

He popularly had most unusual childhood. For most of his childhood he was gregory Kinsley, a troubled boy with an alcoholic father and a freakingly homeless mother. he used to living in cars, and never been in school.Her other gave him up to Rush family.  He then moved to another family where he lived happily. After some time , his mother decided to have him back and he took legal actions against her. He won the case and remained with the Rush family.

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