10 Kids Who Went To J-A-I-L For Crazy Reasons

Hey Readers! Welcome To Humor Nation. Kids! The cute faces and the most innocent creatures. Many say, kids are the personification to god. Those little feet are excused for all mistakes.

But what is the mistake is serious? Hard to believe, but kids do commit such crimes. This spoils everything at a really young age.

These are the 10 young kids who went to jail for some crazy reasons. Scroll down to know more.

10. Zachry Neagle

The fourteen-year-old kid is now behind the bars for 96 years. He shot his dad after a fight. To his side, he said he did this to save his siblings.

9. Lionel Tate

Tate is the youngest name in the list. He killed his younger sister at 12 years of age. Further, he was sentenced to a lifelong imprisonment.

8. Petri Kurti

Petri is a cruel heart. He used to rob people and kill them later. This isn’t ever expected from a fourteen-year-old kid. Petri went to jail for 12 years. This was just too lenient for him.

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7. Alex King

Alex had a relationship with Ricky his best friend at 12. When his father discovered this, he tried to stop him for better. But Alex took a baseball bat and hit him hard while he was asleep.

6. Jackie Kipfmiller

Jackie got pregnant at 19 years. She wanted to avoid the embarrassment and so decided to kill the baby. The girl threw him in the trash bin so that no one discovers. She went to jail for 110 years.

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