10 Royal Kingmakers Who Changed History

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Kingmakers! the life of politics. They are the ones with enough political connections to turn the tables anytime. Even after contributing a hell worthy influence, the kingmakers fail to make good fame.

The list today unveils a few such names who had a remarkable impact in history but still remain unknown. 

10. Richard Neville – Earl Of Warwick

He had his contributions during the civil wars. Though he lost his father in the war he didn’t leave the king’s side. He managed to marry the king’s sister and also took away the throne.

9. The Praetorian Guard

They served the Roman Emperors for around 300 years. Initially, their priority was royal safety. Slowly, they followed their interests and betrayed for the throne.

8. Ricimer

Not the authority but absolute power. Ricimer was the most dominating person in Rome. He took the major decisions that were expected to be made by the king.

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7. Mikhail Suslov

Suslov was the most loyal kingmaker. He was dedicated more to duty than to power and fame. There were times he deliberately sacrificed posts for the nation’s betterment.


6. Carl Otto Morner

Morner was jailed for suggesting a name for the throne. Later, his suggestion proved deserving. He served as governor, colonel, and a kingmaker too.


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