10 Most Luxurious And Lavish Trains In India

Hey Readers. Welcome To Humor NationTrains are the pride in India.  Many books clearly say that railways are the best thing brought by the Britishers. Apart from being the cheapest transportation, it is also the most feasible way to travel.

But have you ever heard about the lavish royal trains that run on Indian tracks? Yes, we have many unique trains that add a royal touch to our journey.

Here is a list of 10 such lavish trains that would surely make your journey kingly, but the tickets fares may make your annuals sound peanuts!

10. Heritage On Wheels

This is the oldest royal trains ever. The theme of the interior is the Royalty Of Rajasthan. Running on the tracks in Rajasthan the train charges around Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,500 per head.

10 Most Luxurious And Lavish Trains In India

9. Panj Takht Darshan Train

The train is exclusively inspired by Sikh Culture. Via this, a person can travel the top 5 Gurudwaras in only four days. Not luxury but its surely unique.

8. Mahaparinirvan Express

The train is a travel to the life of Buddha. It has a package of 75,0000-60,000 for a week. It travels from the birthplace of Buddha to his death place.

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7. Royal Oriental Train

This is a gift from the Britishers. running from 1855, this five-star train has all amenities provided by a lavish hotel. It charges 8000 per person. The route is from Delhi to Gujrat.

6. Fairy Queen Express

The train is perfect for short rides. This runs from Delhi To Alwar. It has the oldest engine since1800. The fare charge is 11,000 for 2 days.

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