10 Places In PUBG That You Can Find In Real Life

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. You must have played PUBG in your recent times most probably, if not you definitely would have listened about it somewhere or the other as this game has got a lot of publicity just like the blue whale game. This is because PUBG as a game is very addictive and once you start playing, you will definitely come back to it in order to improve your position and points. But do you know, the maps of Pubg are inspired from which countries?

Here are 10 locations in PUBG which are taken from real life places:

1. School:

The School shown in pubg part one of the game is actually taken from Chernobyl, Russia. Also, the abandoned Pripyat swimming pool that was made famous by CoD4 is also present in the maps of Pubg.

2. Shelter:

The shelter that you must have visited during the game, it has great underground base where you can find good loot material. This part of the map has been taken from an abandoned storage of nuclear weapons Feodosia, Ukraine. According to the council ministers of USSR, this location was decided to create special base to store nuclear weapons in real life.

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3. Paddy hay, Yasnaya Polyana:

The paddy hay you pass through in the game which is near the Yasnaya Polyana is taken form real life Slovakia province, Russia. Yasnaya Polyana is a large city that is in the northeastern side of the map. The center contains large buildings, good amount of apartments etc. On the east is a prison building and a mansion, which often contain good loot.

4. Georgopol:

Georgopol is divided into two halves, one is apartments connected by roads and the other one is a collection of Cargo containers. These two halves are connected with a bridge. This town is a popular landing spot, with a variety of weapons and armour. But, prepare for an immediate fight upon landing. This location is taken from real life Kaliningrad, Russia.

5. Sosnovka military base:

It is a bombed out base which resembles the name of island on which the base resides. It has a lot of open space with a good variety of weapons for loot. The real life location is present in Duga, Russia. This is a Soviet OTH radar system used as an anti-missile early warning system.

6. Quarry:

Quarry is a flooded limestone like place which is totally opposite of the lush greenery of Sanhok. There are very less trees to cover yourself so you have to move fast and keep and eye to loot and protect you from the opposite team. The real life location of this map is taken from West roxbury quarry.

7. Ruins:

Ruins is a temple which is a major landmark in the Sanhok map in PUBG. This place is chosen by one of the most daring players of PUBG. The Ruins reward the survivors that close-quarters combat with all the loot they can carry with them. The real life place is taken from Mountains of Dagestan, Russia.

8. Stalbar:

The stalbar is like a valley where there are mountains and below that are the houses where you can find weapons and armours. The real life location is taken from Alberty, Rocky mountain region, Canada.

9. Red forest(Near mylta power):

This place is situated near the Mylta power plant in the PUBG map. The location red forest is taken from Red forest, Chernobyl surrounded by nuclear power plants. The name red forest comes from the ginger brown colour of the pine trees as they died due to the absorption of a high amount of radiation.

10. Mylta Power:

Mylta Power is a popular spot with a high amount of SMGs and also Assault Rifles. You can also find multiple vehicle spawn areas, which are abundant in mostly buggies. This place is taken from the Chernobyl nuclear plant, Russia.

10 Places In PUBG That You Can Find In Real Life

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