10 Actors Who Look Exactly Like The Characters They Played On Screen!

Hey People! Welcome To Humor Nation.  A Look-alike is the hardest thing to find. But when we talk about the film industry, they need to have the best possible match for the character. Like of course! we couldn’t cast a short fat person as a basketball player. We need actors who would do justice to the role.

Though when a director works on a project he castes perfection. He chooses the best actors. No matter how much he has to pay, he chooses the perfect fit.

So, today we found a list of 10 such actors who were the look-alike of characters that they played!

10. Robert Downey Jr. / Charlie Chaplin

He played the legendary role of Charlie Chaplin. And as a compliment to the character, his looks were quite similar to Chaplin. A little bit of makeup and they are twins!

10 Actors Who Look Exactly Like The Characters They Played!

9. James Franco / James Dean

During his struggle days, someone noticed his facial resemblance to Late James Dean. That was it! he was cast as the actor in his biopic scene.

8. Anjelica Huston / Morticia Adams

Anjelica perfectly resembles Morticia’s character. Her sleek style, black wig, and face resemble perfectly to Anjelica. This role was an actual compliment.

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7. Daniel Rigby / Bryan Dick Morecambe and Wise

This duo did quite well in their time. After their retirement in 1950, the cinema found Morecambe and wise. The duo was absolute duplicate and they recreated the era.

6.  Tom Hiddleston / F Scott Fitzgerald

The directors while working on the Midnight series wished to have the perfect match to the real characters. Their work got easier when they came across Hiddlestone. Just a bit of makeup and there you go! the legend is recreated.

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