10 Marvel Movies After Avengers Endgame! Confirmed Phase 4 Marvel Films

Welcome to Humor Nation. Avengers Endgame may be the combination of the MCU so far. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of upcoming Marvel movies on the way. Marvel Studios is currently keeping their long-term plans under wraps understandably, with marvel of visionary Kevin Feige confirming no faithful announcements. By the way phase four is the next phase and the MCU and he will not make any announcements until after ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ is released.

Avengers Endgame is the swan song for the OG Avengers, but the future is bright for the MCU. With a range of new and diverse heroes including the MCU being able to incorporate characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four because the Disney Fox acquisition is now complete. So we have a lot to look forward to, with all that said we still know a fair bit about the future MCU slate. An Avengers endgame is the second of three Marvel blockbusters to drop in 2019 and the number of other projects are still in development, expected to release between now and 2021.

So Let’s Take A Look At Marvel Movies After Avengers Endgame! Phase 4 Marvel Films!

1. Spider-Man Far From Home (2019)

10 Marvel Movies After Avengers Endgame! Confirmed Phase 4 Marvel Films

Spider-Man Far From Home is gonna be released on July 2nd this year. So it is the last film in phase three and the first after avengers endgame and will serve as an extended epilogue to Avengers Endgame. So much happens in Avengers endgame as you can imagine Kevin Feige explains and so much is affected by it that we felt what better person to hold your hand and lead you through the next incarceration of the MCU and such a grounded character like Peter Parker. Though I really am looking forward to Spider-Man Far From Home especially the fact that we’ll get to see Mysterio in it. So I definitely really hyped for it and July 2 is not too long away guys.

2. Black Widow Solo Film (2020)

10 Marvel Movies After Avengers Endgame! Confirmed Phase 4 Marvel Films

The next MCU movie is Black Widow likely May 20 2008. There’s been a clamor for a Black Widow movie since Scarlett Johansson was introduced playing at the character in 2010’s Iron Man 2. The film is finally becoming a reality after Avengers Endgame in phase 4. However with filming due to start in June Johansson is rumored to be netting a 15 million paycheck for the movie. There are a lot of storylines that they can explore in Black Widow movie and the Black Widow character is one that has a lot of comic storylines that still need to be adapted to the screen.

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3. The Eternals (2020)

10 Marvel Movies After Avengers Endgame! Confirmed Phase 4 Marvel Films

The next movie due to come out after Black Widow is ‘The Eternals’. This is one that is likely to release sometime in 2020 and Marvel has always liked to toss a curveball now and then. And the Eternals is definitely one of their most unexpected projects after Avengers Endgame. It is created by the legendary Jack Kirby in the comics. The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of the human race created by ancient powerful aliens known as the Celestials. Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani are reportedly in talks to star and there are rumors the film will likely introduced the MCU version of Hercules.

4. Black Panther Sequel (2021)

10 Marvel Movies After Avengers Endgame! Confirmed Phase 4 Marvel Films

There is also another film that is definitely in the works right now and you may have guessed. This the sequel to Black Panther so naturally Black Panther 2 is a priority for Marvel Studios after an Avengers Endgame. Given the first film was the highest-grossing a domestic film of 2018 and earned them an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Ryan Coogler is set to return as best writer and director, I believe he’s currently writing the script right now. It makes the most sense to release then because that is a three year gap and usually in between movies there is a three year gap.

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