10 Modern Things That Were Invented In Ancient India

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. People think that every good invention takes place outside India according to the majority of people Indians don’t possess many talents to invent proper things. But there are some pin things that are very essential in everyday life and were invented in India some thousand years back, so let’s begin.

So here are those 10 modern day accessories that were invented in ancient India!

1. Buttons

10 Modern Things That Were Invented In Ancient India

Fine clothes are often associated with Italy, but the most important accessory for clothing is a button and these buttons were invented in India about 2000 years back. See I told you that we Indians are quite good at inventing essential and small things.

2. Chess

Chess is a very important board game that improves our thinking skills and this board game was invented in India during the 6th century AD in India when Gupta Empire ruled the states.

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3. Rulers

A ruler is a very important thing which used by most people in everyday life, in schools, in office, etc. These rulers were invented in India during the Indus Valley Civilization period.

4. Shampoo

A shampoo is such an important bathing material and without washing our heads off we feel quite uneasy. Shampoo was actually an oil head massage which was preferred by Nawabs Of Bengal in 1762 and they used to call it Champo.

5. Snake and Ladder

Snake and Ladder is a board game that is played by everyone in the next door and this game was originated in India and later it went to America and got produced on a larger scale. All Thanks To India.

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