10 Most Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male

5. Miriam Rivera

Miriam became famous through her appearances on Big Brother Australia. This Mexican model knew she wanted to be a girl by the age of four and underwent gender reassignment surgery.

4. Kelly Van Der Veer

Kelly is a Dutch singer and also a TV star and she first started singing in a children’s choir, which produced several albums. Often mistaken for a girl, she participated on ‘De Travestiet Show’ in 1997 and was the youngest contestant they’d ever had at seventeen, then after two years of it she had her gender reassignment surgery.

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3. Isis King

Not only a fashion model, she is also a fashion designer. Isis King born as Darrell Walls has appeared in two cycles of America’s Next Top Model, she was the first openly transgendered woman to be allowed to compete.

2. Florencia De La V

The Argentine comedian, actress and TV personality better known by her stage name Flor De La V, was born as male and named Roberto Carlos. She always had interest in fashion so she participated in many pageants and by 1998 she met a dentist named Pablo Goycochea and had twins via surrogate.

1. Roberta Close

She was born in Rio De Janeiro as Luiz Roberto Gambine Moreira. As she grew she began to secretly take female hormone injections and dress like them, by the age of twenty she won Miss Gay Brazil and was named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. She then underwent gender reassignment surgery in 1989.

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