10 Most Common Nightmares And Their Meanings Explained!

Who’s afraid of the boogeyman? You might not be but there are many scary dream related events that will have many of us waking up in a cold sweat hoping that whatever happened in the dream stays int he dream. Now if you’ve ever experienced any of these crazy nightmarish dreams I’m about to talk about, don’t worry you’re not alone. There are many people who have had these nightmares. Many other people have shared the exact same experience so with that said let’s take a look at ten of the most common nightmarish dreams.

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so let’s take a look at the 10 Most Common Nightmares And Their Meanings Explained!

1. Falling

Nightmares explained

Many people from around the world have reported having dreams that have them falling into a never ending abyss which brings to life saying I’m falling and I can’t get up. Very few people have actually said to have hit the ground after falling from incredible height. Kind of reminds you of a scene from ‘The Matrix’ where Neo was supposed to jump from one building to the next, but didn’t quite make it, crashing to the ground below.

Meaning: Now people who have said to have these dreams of themselves falling usually wake up before actually crashing to the ground. It is said that if you have one of these dreams or if it’s recurring that represents a lack of control of the situation.

2. Decaying Teeth Or Having Teeth Fall Out

Don’t worry you don’t need a dental plan just yet it’s just a dream. This common occurring dream has the dreamer feeling as if they have lost most or all of their teeth. This can be particularly scary especially if you’re young waking up with no teeth is no fun like how you supposed to eat your favorite food or bite into that delicious Apple. It’s not going to happen without tea, but that’s right it’s only a dream.

Meaning: Now the common belief here is that if you have one of these dreams of losing your teeth you’re probably suffering from anxiety or you’re really stressed

3. Feeling Trapped

This dream usually has a person locked up somewhere in a confined area. Dreams about being trapped are quite commonly experienced by people who are claustrophobic, meaning there’s fear or anxiety when you’re placed in tight closed spaces. Though it may not seem like a big deal, the people who actually experienced this will tell you otherwise.

Meaning: They say if you’re having one of these dreams, you’re well, you’re feeling trapped by that they mean feeling trapped in a situation you know you need to leave. So get going, leave a few months otherwise these will continue haunting you.

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4. Being Naked

Ever had that weird feeling that everyone is looking at you, but you didn’t know why and then you look down on yourself and realize that you’re naked.

Meaning: Some psychologists argue that these dreams are symptoms of an inner fear of what other people might believe or say about us, particularly about our physical appearance. Although the fact that being naked can also be perfectly seen as an allegory.

5. Major Injury Or Deformation

Broken bones, smashed faces, deform hands all  of this are part of the same where many people report having dreams where they’ve experienced some kind of traumatic accident, where they’ve gotten some major kind of injury. Some people even eventually wake up with bruises on themselves making their dreams even that much more real.

Meaning: Doctors or nurses say that these kinds of dreams are common in hospitalized patients especially they say that it represents a feeling of weakness or powerlessness, but imagine waking up with a scar from something that happened in your dream. That’s pretty damn freaky.

6. Being Chased

This is by far the most common nightmarish dream that people have being chased by something or someone out to get you. And this has been experienced by both young and old.

Meaning: It is said that these types of dreams are a result of being afraid of confrontation regarding something in your life. This could be anything from a relationship, your parents to a negative situation in your life. It varies depending on who it is that you are. Now how you react in the dream is set to reflect how you were dealing with a situation in real life. So next time you find yourself being chased, stop, turn around and face whatever is chasing you and you’ll change the outcome of your dream.

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7. Catastrophe Or Natural Disaster

Earthquakes, tornadoes, buildings collapsing, volcano eruptions you just name it. These kinds of catastrophic natural disaster dreams are very common. Dreams of this kind will have the person running for their life, trying to get shelter in whatever way possible. It’s even worse when you’re a parent and you have children you are likely to envision, having to cater to your children while in distress.

Meaning: These types of dreams are generally understood in the scientific community as revealing a feeling of anxiety or fear. It’s a sign of being overwhelmed by the responsibility.

8. Night Terrors

Have you ever experienced that feeling where your pin down, unable to speak or hardly breathe. You feel very awake, but you’re struggling with what it seems to be an invisible or at least a dark looking shadowy entity.  Yeah you’re having a night terror, another popular name for this is sleep paralysis now.

According to NHS UK, sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that happens when you’re waking up or less commonly falling asleep. For a brief time, your body becomes paralyzed which means you are unable to move or speak. After a few minutes you can speak as normal and move. Now this is probably the most terrifying kind of nightmare though most don’t consider it a nightmare at all. Some others believe that there’s demonic activity involved in night terrors and report vivid accounts of their experience.

Meaning: Ether way you look at it, it’ll scare the life out of you and usually lasts for several minutes, but in the end there’s still no definitive answers as to why this happens or the meaning behind all of it. Though some do claim that it’s caused by a lack of sleep depression and extreme stress.

9. End Of The World

It’s the end of the world and you know it in your dreams at least. Depending on your religious affiliation or belief in what the end of the world is. The dream may manifest it in many ways, you can wake up in your dream and realize that the sky has rolled back and witnessed Jesus’s return or maybe you’ll realize that everything around you has been totally destroyed and that you’re probably the only person around, as you wander around in what is now a wasteland

Meaning: According to some dream experts, to dream that it is the end of the world suggest that you’re under a tremendous level of stress or you may be feeling vulnerable or helpless in some situation.

10. Seeing Dead People

The famous line from the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ starring Bruce Willis has proved to be true for many people, at least in their dreams. In it there’s a manifestation of what could be a dead relative or someone you might not have known personally. These manifestations off the dead could be something welcoming, but many other times it could be downright terrifying. And in the dream is often known that the person or entity that you’re interacting with is actually dead.

Meaning: It is said that these types of nightmares could be associated with the inability to let things go, particularly letting go of someone in your life who’s passed away. So whatever it is that you’re holding on to, just let it go.

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