10 Most Dangerous Prisons In India That Are Worse Than Hell

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Prisons are supposed to punish the convicts for the crime they have committed in the society, but it is also their responsibility to make the convict a better person so that they could be capable of living in this society. But there are some jails in India that perform quite the opposite of it due to some dangerous and violent criminals in their prisons.

So here are those top 10 dangerous prisons in India that will scare you if you’ll be in it!

1. Kot Bhalwal Jail

10 Most Dangerous Prisons In India That Are Worse Than Hell

This prison had a very dark history, it was revealed that in the year 2005 some inmates in this jail were beaten with electrical rods and also sexually harassed. In October 1993 some firing also took place and many prisoners were found dead after that. It was enough, many such firing cases took place in this where inmates were put to death without any particular reason.

2. Arthur Road Jail

This jail is located in Mumbai and most of the criminals and terrorists are kept in this jail only, this jail is very over-crowded and for several days the toilets are not cleaned which causes skin disease amongst the prisoners. The prisoners over here are always out of control and in one incident they used to iron sheets and its corner as a weapon to kill other inmates.

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3. Beur Jail

This jail is located in the city of Patna and no law and order are followed by the convicts in this jail and once a gang of prisoners killed one of their inmates for useless reasons and still nothing is done to improve the condition of this jail.

4. Dasna Jail

Dasna Jail is also one of the most dangerous jails in India and the jails here quite unhygienic that makes the prisoners over here very angry and uncontrollable at times. In a routine checkup in this prison, it was found that around 27 prisoners were diagnosed with HIV and torturing people in this jail just adds to it.

5. Kot Bhalwal Jail

Once a prisoner of this jail confessed that he was forced by the police officers of this jail to confess a crime that he didn’t even commit and for 72 days he was made to live in that jail where other dangerous criminals used to haunt and torture him and sometimes the police officers also used to crash his chest with their boots. Feeling bad for the innocent man?

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