10 Most Emotional Demises In The Vampire Diaries

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Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Vampire Diaries is a fantasy supernatural show which focused on the Supernatural beings such as werewolves, witches, and vampires. One would assume that since the characters are of Supernatural nature, they would be almighty powerful and immortal. Technically, vampires are immortal and some have been alive for nearly a thousand-year. But in the town of Mystic Falls, nobody is safe, not even the strong vampires. Throughout the Vampire Diaries, we have seen numerous beloved SPN Characters falling victims to death. TVD Writers spared nobody, not even the fan favorite characters, even the invincible seeming characters bit the dust. There have been numerous demises on the Vampire Diaries, but we will be focusing on the most heartbreaking and emotional demises in the history of Vampire Diaries.

So Take A Look At 10 Most Emotional Demises In The Vampire Diaries


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When Alaric and Damon first crossed paths, they seemed to be at each other’s throats. As Damon was the one who turned Isobel into a vampire and Alaric became a hunter to find out about her missing vampire wife. But these two developed quite a friendship. When Alaric decides to not go through the transition. Meredith convinces Damon to go stay with Alaric in his final moments. Damon apologizes to Alaric and they share a last drink together.


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Season 3 turned plenty of heads when the writers decided to cause the demise of their main character. Nobody expected Elena Gilbert to pass away in Season 3 finale. The episode build up to her demise, torn between choosing Damon and Stefan, experiencing the flashbacks. Past repeated itself when Elena’s car drove off the bridge, but she asked Stefan to save Matt. We thought we had seen the last of Elena, but in the final moments she opens her eyes revealing to be a vampire in transition.

8. Shelia “Grams” Bennett (S1E14)

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Grams was the only family that Bonnie could trust. She not only took care of Bonnie, but also helped in harboring her magical potential. So when the Mystic Falls gang found themselves in trouble, Grams joined forces in freeing people from the tomb. She pushed her magical powers to the extreme in extracting Damon & others from the tomb. It drained her completely that when she returned home, we could see she’s feeling fatigued, and could never wake up from her sleep. When Bonnie realized Grams has passed away, she broke down.


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Nora and Mary Louise are two of the well-written, powerful female characters who despite being part of the poor Heretics storyline managed to make an impact. Like all relationships, Mary and Nora also went through a turmoil, but they managed to start over again. But as fate would have it, Armory experimentation and Rayna’s sword took away their chance to be together. Eventually they both sacrificed themselves to put an end to Rayna’s sword that hunts vampires.

6. Enzo (S8E11)

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The character of Enzo made his Vampire Diaries debut in Season 5. We learned about the history between Damon and Enzo through the flashbacks. Slowly, his character grew on the fans due to his charismatic personality and humorous quotes. Enzo would develop an unexpected romantic relationship with Bonnie. This relationship is one of the best things that happened to Bonnie on the show as she always sacrificed her happiness for the others. For once, it seemed like Bonnie and Enzo could walk off into the sunset, but the writers had a sinister plan in store. Stefan with his humanity turned off would end up causing the demise of Enzo in a twisting fashion. Bonnie’s emotional heartbreak eventually caused her powers to return.


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