10 Most Emotional Demises In The Vampire Diaries

5. Elizabeth Forbes (S6E14)

The CW

The parents in Mystic Falls have a terrible track record when it comes to protecting the interests of their children. But there are few exceptions, few genuine parents who tried their best to do the right thing for their children. Elizabeth Forbes is one of the best parents who always supposed her daughter Caroline. Even after learning that she has become a vampire, she chose to stand by her side. Her character eventually succumbed to cancer. Caroline tried all she could to cure her mother such as using the vampire blood, but nothing worked. What makes this scene truly emotional is the suffering of Liz and Caroline, the flashback scene involving the mother and daughter would make anyone shed tears.

4. Stefan Salvatore (S8E16)

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Stefan Salvatore is the lead protagonist of Vampire Diaries. One wouldn’t expect the main hero to pass away. But in the final episode when a sacrifice was needed to take down the evil Katherine. Damon first volunteered, but Stefan tricked him and chose to be the one who’d hold Katherine as the hellfire would pass through them. What makes this sacrifice very tragic is that Stefan was just married to Caroline and they both deserved a happy life, but he chose the happiness of his brother Damon over everything else. He didn’t get a moment to bid goodbye to Caroline.

3. Jenna Sommers (S2E21)

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Jenna became the guardian of Elena and Jeremy after they lost their parents in an accident. She is one of the kindest characters on the show who wanted nothing, but what’s best for the kids. She made numerous sacrifices and did her best in taking care of Elena. Elena’s adoptive parents met a tragic fate while her biological parents deserted her, Jenna was the only family she had. In Season 2, when Klaus arrived in Mystic Falls with the intention of lifting up the hybrid curse, Katherine originally turned Caroline into a vampire with the intention of offering her on a platter to Klaus as an ingredient for the sacrifice. But when Caroline escaped, Klaus chose Jenna for the Hybrid Ritual. What’s worse is that he sacrificed her right in front of the eyes of Elena who couldn’t do anything to help her. Jenna was an innocent human who had nothing to do with all the Supernatural affairs, but yet she became a casualty.

2. Lexi Branson (S01E08)

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Did you know Kevin Williamson wanted to cast Taylor Swift on the Vampire Diaries. They crafted the character after Taylor, but when the famous singer couldn’t be persuaded to appear on the role. The role went to Arielle Kebbel. Lexi was supposed to appear for only one episode. The best friend and mentor of Stefan Salvatore who has helped him with Ripper tendencies and relapse several times. The episode saw Stefan’s birthday celebration and when everything seemed like perfect, the episode took a turn for the worse when Damon Salvatore staked her right in front of Stefan, Elena, and others. Stefan couldn’t do anything to save Lexi, but he spared Damon with a final warning. Damon did it as part of his scheme to pin all the vampire attacks on her. Eventually, Lexi’s character would return on the show, making several cameos.

1. Rose (S2E12)

The CW

Lauren Cohan rose to major heights with her role of Maggie Greene on Vampire Diaries. But TVD fans will always remember her as the Vampire Rose. Rose along with Trevor were given the task by Klaus & Elijah to keep Katherine in their captivity so she could be used in the Hybrid Sacrifice. But Katherine tricked Rose in feeding her vampire blood, eventually became a vampire, and escaped. Rose would return to present day Mystic Falls and would abduct Elena. She developed a fling like friendship/relationship with Damon. Rose was one of the few characters who saw through the facade of Damon Salvatore and called him on his lies. She would get bitten by the werewolf Jules at a time when nobody knew about the cure to werewolf bite in Mystic Falls. Rose’s final moments were in extreme agony and torment which resulted in Damon creating a dreamlike state in her mind to provide her comfort in her last moments. This scene truly brought the humane side of Damon.

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