10 Most Hated Characters From Riverdale

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Some characters from this show are really loved by the viewers and they totally relate to them. But on the other hand, there are also some characters on the show with whom fans don’t relate at all and just dislike them. So today we’ll talk about those negative characters from the show who are disliked by the fans of this show, so let’s get started.

So here is a list of the 10 most hated characters from Riverdale!

1. Penelope Blossom

10 Most Hated Characters From Riverdale

Penelope Blossom is surely one of the most hated characters on the show. She completely failed as a mother and as a human too. Penelope created a lot of problems for her own family and troubled Cheryl a lot and she was the one to bring the Gargoyle King and murdered many people in the town. She is surely the worst.

2. Hal Cooper

10 Most Hated Characters From Riverdale

He is the Black Hood so it is quite obvious that he is the most hated person in the town. He killed many people in the town and said that he killed them as they sinned. But what he did was the worse crime of all and failed as a father and a husband too.

3. Chic

10 Most Hated Characters From Riverdale

Chic was very manipulative and he totally convinced the Cooper family that he was Alice and FP’s long lost son. He made Alice kill someone and Betty helped to hide the crime. But Chic’s game was revealed soon enough and Betty handed him over to the Black Hood. But in season 3 he returns as the Gargoyle King and shocks everyone.

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4. Evelyn Evernever

10 Most Hated Characters From Riverdale

She was an annoying character who wore an innocent face and pretended to be a caring friend and made most of the people in the town join her Farm. Later fans started disliking her more when they got to know the truth behind their secret cult.

5. Edgar Evernever

He was also a manipulative man who played with the minds of other people and used them for his own good. Edgar tricked people into joining his Farm and the truth behind his Farm was that he used to harvest the organs of the members illegally. He was surely a great villain in the third season.

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