10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In The Vampire Diaries

4. Stefan Salvatore (S8E16)

The CW

Even thought it wasn’t the first time Stefan died, but this time it was permanent and more heartbreaking. It seemed like Stefan Salvatore finally got his happy life when he got married to Caroline, but the writers of TVD had different plans for him. Stefan chose to sacrifice himself instead of Damon to save the Mystic Falls. He didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Caroline which makes his death even sadder.

3. Jenna Sommers (S2E19)

The CW

After the tragic deaths of Elena’s parents, Aunt Jenna became the guardian of Elena and Jeremy and she took great care of them. She was the only last remaining family of Jeremy and Elena. At first, she was unaware of the supernatural mess of Mystic Falls, but once she got involved, everything went south. Klaus needed a sacrifice for the sun and moon ritual, he chose to sacrifice Jenna to break his hybrid curse and turned her into a vampire. He then staked Jenna right in front of Elena which left Elena completely shocked and devastated.

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2. Lexi Branson (S01E08)

The CW

The hot, attractive, and full of spirits blonde who was the BFF of Stefan and helped Stefan in saving him from his Ripper urges numerous times. She was killed by Damon so that he could frame her and project himself as a hero in front of the humans of Mystic Falls. Her death really left Stefan heartbroken and we could never forget Damon for what he did. Lexi became a fan favorite character right from first episode and we always loved her appearances on the show. Luckily, Stefan was reunited with her in the afterlife.

1. Rose (S2E12)

The CW

Before she was Maggie Greene on TWD, she was Rose on the TVD. A female vampire who showed us the soft side of Damon’s character. She had a hot affair with Damon and some fans ship Rose and Damon over Elena and Damon. Her death occurred when she was bitten by a werewolf. It happened at a time when nobody knew how to treat a werewolf bite on TVD. Rose was dying, to ease her suffering and pain, Damon created a dreamlike state where she got to express herself, talking about her family, friends to being in the sunlight. Finally Damon staked her to end her pain. This scene displayed the kinder side of Damon.

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