10 Most Paused Bollywood Movie Moments Of All Time!

Welcome to Humor Nation. One of the most rewarding aspects of movie viewing especially when movies are released in theaters and the scenes of the film can be viewed on social media websites. We can even select the moments that we love the most and we can watch them over and over. This could an emotional scene, a scene depicting a brilliant performance or songs for their catchy lyrics or dance steps for their impressive choreography. However quite often, when it comes to Indian audiences they are a big fan of the sensual and steamy scenes and playing these steamy scenes constantly on loop is something we all know and even have done too. These moments from the movies are paused at the most perfect time so that the viewer can get a pleasure from them.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time!

1. Zeenat Aman In Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)

Raj Kapoor directed this film and it starred Zeenat Aman and Shashi Kapoor in the lead roles. The film depicts a love story beyond the class difference and focuses on the themes of physical and spiritual love. Zeenat Aman looked so beautiful and stunning in the film and two of her moments in the film are constantly paused by the viewers. Zeenat Aman singing the song ‘”Bhor Bhaye Panghat Pe’ while dressed up in white made the Indian audiences play the scene in a continuous loop.

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2. Vidya Balan In The Dirty Picture (2011)

Vidya Balan’s portrayal of Silk Smitha was widely praised by the critics. Knowing the history of the Silk Smitha, it was inevitable that there would be some steamy sequences that would be paused by the audiences. Most of the paused moments in the film are during the song ‘Ooh La La Tu Hai Meri Fantasy’.

3. Sunny Leone In Ragini MMS 2 (2014)

The reason why Sunny Leone was cast in Ragini MMS 2 as a lead was not because of her acting skills, but due to her popularity and global appeal. The film had a weak script and some cheesy industry stereotypes. Even the fans knew beforehand that they won’t be impressed by the acting skills of Sunny Leone, but the steamy scenes which made the film a commercial success. Sunny Leone’s scene with Karan in the shower is the most paused scene from the film.

4. Kiara Advani In Lust Stories (2018)

Lust Stories (2018) is a anthology film which was released on Netflix. The film focuses on four different love stories which are directed by four famous Indian directors. One of the most interesting stories was directed by Karan Johar, focusing on a newly married couple. The husband doesn’t understand the needs of her wife and fails to satisfy her, the wife which is played by the beautiful Kiara Advani takes the matter into her own hands. She uses a certain equipment to pleasure herself, but unfortunately she receives the pleasure while she is middle of the room surrounded by her family members. This is the most watched scene from the film.


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