10 Most Weird Last Wishes Made By Prisoners

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. It is a ritual to ask the last wish of prisoners on a death row, the authorities in jail grant the last wish according to the choice of the prisoner. Usually, people ask to meet their loved ones or to eat a good meal before dying, but there are also some people who had made weird wishes before dying.

So let’s check out top 10 weird wishes made by prisoners on a death row

1. John Wayne Gacy

10 Most Weird Last Wishes Made By Prisoners

When Gacy was asked for the last meal of his choice, he asked for a full bucket of KFC fried chicken, fries, strawberries and 12 fried shrimps because he was a manager in KFC restaurant.

2. Ronnie Lee Gardner

Ronnie Lee’s last wish was to watch “The Lord Of The Rings” with an apple pie, steak, lobster tail and vanilla ice cream. His wish was surely granted.

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3. James Edward Smith

James Edward’s asked for a lump of dirt as his last wish so that he could carry out a voodoo ritual and his last wish was not granted.

4. William Bonin

Before getting executed William Bonin was given eighteen bottles of Coca-Cola and Pepsi and three jars of chocolate ice-cream because he wanted to die of diabetes, but eventually, he died of lethal injection, not diabetes.

5. Philip Ray Workman

Philip Ray Workman seemed to have a big heart because his last wish was to give homeless persons a large veg pizza, but his wish was declined.

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