10 Movies That Every Business Minded Student Should Watch

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor nation. There are many streams where you could find your future in, but one of the most opted and popular of them all is a business. Every person who wants to be financially free in his life would love to have his/her own business. Having something of his own gives a lot of money as well as a piece of mind for sure. And for those students or professionals especially, we bring you:

10 movies that every business-minded student must watch to get inspiration from:

1. The Wolf of Wall Street:

Starting off with the best is the movie starring our favourite Leonardo Di Caprio in his best avatar. Working in a corporate world is not so easy, you have to face a lot if you crave for success in your life. And the movie shows the same, where the starting shows how a broker works for a 9 to 5 job and is always in a poor condition but then he starts of with his own venture, does everything from hard work to fraud and later is entitled as the Wolf of Wall Street.

10 Movies That Every Business Minded Student Should Watch2. Guru:

The Indian hit movie Guru was inspired by one of India’s biggest business tycoons Dhirubhai Ambani and sons. In this movie, you’ll see how a person with a strong determination tackles all the problems and barriers he gets in between his journey to success. To know more, watch this movie today and learn what you need to be a successful person.

10 Movies That Every Business Minded Student Should Watch

3. Chef:

Starring none other than Scarlet Johnson, the movie Chef is all about getting yourself to action. If you have all the talent in this world and even if you’re a perfectionist at things, You need to do a lot of hard work in order get the fruit from it. It really doesn’t matter what you have inside until you put all into action. Do not afraid to take risks and you will definitely succeed in your life.

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4. Band Baja Baarat:

Another Indian blockbuster movie where two friends Biitu and Shruti start their wedding planner and organizing a business with a 50-50 partnership. This movie will show you how to choose your business-partners wisely and how there will be lots of ups and downs, quarrels etc. and how you deal with it. Also, this movie teaches you to do what you love and treat your work as it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

10 Movies That Every Business Minded Student Should Watch

5. The pursuit of happiness:

The 2006 American biographical drama film the pursuit of happiness is based on an entrepreneur named Chris Gardener. This movie shows how if you give up your hope any-day soon, you have lost the battle instantly. This movie shows the real struggle of a father and how he works hard for getting a secure job so that he can fulfill the needs of his family.

6. Mitron:

Mitron is again one of the hit Indian movies which show how an unemployed Gujarati guy uses small tricks and ways to earn a little amount of money as he is good for nothing. But you know what, he is a great chef of what his father Is really against and doesn’t wants him to be in the kitchen but wants him to get a job. One day, by mistake he meets a girl with a business plan but needs a great chef for her business and through lots of twists and turns they come up with something great.

10 Movies That Every Business Minded Student Should Watch

7. The Intern:

This movie shows that there is no age to start something new in your life, you just need enough motivation to do something and you achieve it. For a business to run, you just need to satisfy your customers and then channelize all your energy into the development of your brand. Watch the movie to know more about businesses and how you can come up with your own.

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8. Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year:

Rocket Singh, an Indian movie casting Ranbir Kapoor as a Punjabi salesman who is new at this salesman job, inexperienced to the market trends tries to give his best for the job. This movie teaches you to take risks and find the right people to work for and what ethics you need to take care of your customers and clients as well. You will also get to know that bookish knowledge does not work when you’re out in the field.

9. Up in the air:

This movie is all about teaching you if you’re the boss of the company, then you have to deal with a lot of shit for running it smoothly. A company runs by the efforts and the productivity of its employees. Most of the companies, when in dilemma, choose to downsize the workforce to get everything in control. What if you were in the same situation? What would you do? Watch the movie to know more.

10. The Social Network:

One of the most popular movies of all times, The Social Network movie is based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. The conflicts that arise if you have a great idea and how people are behind your back to steal your ideas, you’ve got to protect yourself from these people. This movie teaches you that all the biggest businesses are run by college dropouts and if you’re not good at studies, doesn’t pull you down from becoming a great businessman.

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