10 Movies That People Who Understand INCEPTION Can Only Understand

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor nation. You must have watched Inception movie at some point in your life as it is one of the highly rated movies of all times which your friend might suggest you watch. This movie is different as it messes with your mind and in a totally weird way. I bet you will not be able to understand the full story-line in first go. So, let us see what makes movie special and which similar movies you can watch.

10 movies like Inception which will make you scratch your head after watching the movie:

1. Source Code:

Source code, directed by Duncan Jones is a movie which gets straight to the plot of the movie. This is one such movie where you’ll feel that there’s the beginning story, just the middle and the end is as devastating as it gets. The story is about the U.S. military pilot and revolves around him with him remembering his past and future mixing with horror.

10 Movies That People Who Understand INCEPTION Can Only Understand

2. Predestination:

Predestination, directed by the Spierig Brothers is a 2014 Australian science fiction thriller film which revolves around the story of an agent and a girl named Jane. There are two characters played by a single person which in the movie claims to be two different personalities and the story progresses. To know more, add this to your watchlist now.

3. The Machinist:

The Machinist, released in 2004 by Brad Anderson comes under Psychological thriller genre reading which you might be getting an idea of what the movie will focus on. Watch this movie to see the magic Christian Bale creates on the big screen. The movie has a protagonist who struggles to deal with his flawed perception of reality, similar to inception.

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4. Triangle:

Triangle rated 6.9 on IMDb will look like its rating is not fair if you watch the movie. If you watch the trailer before watching the movie, you’ll probably underestimate it, trust me. The lesser you know about the movie before watching it, the better it gets. In this movie, the plot starts with some people travelling in the sea and due to some mishap, they need to jump on another ship and the movie progresses. Also, the thing that’s common with inception is, sorry you have to watch the movie to know it.

5. Timecrimes:

As the name suggests, the plot of the movie is around a man who travels into the past time and while being in the past he finds himself in a horror situation from which he tries to escape but couldn’t and he gets into serious consequences. This is one of the weirdest time-travelling movies of all times. So, do not miss it and add it to your watchlist now!

6. Sleep Dealer:

Talked enough about the past? Let’s get into the future. This movie is also one of the time-travel movies. The plot of the movie sets as the cast goes to a future time where immigration and globalization have become big issues. This is one of the great sci-fi movies with a great acting, breath-warming storyline and well-developed characters.

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7. Shutter Island:

When trying to remember psychological thriller movies, Shutter Island would be topping the lists. The same award-winning actor from Inception and our favourite Leonardo De Caprio is the lead of the movie. This movie is packed with twists that will make your mind go mad. You’ll be stick to the story from start to the end but won’t be able to distinguish the characters and what’s happening with each of them at the last.

10 Movies That People Who Understand INCEPTION Can Only Understand

8. The thirteenth floor:

The movie goes back to 1990 Los Angeles and is a sci-fi genre movie. The story is about a programmer who creates a simulation in the year 1937 and is endski just after this and because of this all the secrets regarding the simulator are buried with him. Only left is a message which can tell either the world will survive or not. One of his friend who is accused of the mother finds himself confused and guilty and then questions himself.

9. Memento:

Memento is a dark thriller where a husband is seeking revenge for his wife. But there’s a twist in the story, the man himself suffers from a disability – Short-term memory loss and for remembering the places and details, he tattoos them all over his body. This movie makes you predict things but you will only be able to know things at the end.

10 Movies That People Who Understand INCEPTION Can Only Understand

10. The butterfly effect:

The butterfly effect released in 2004 has the plot of the movie involving a 20 years old college student who finds a way to go back to his childhood diary and tries to change some things in one way or another. The theme of the movie is to explain that going to the past and changing things will not the future perfect. Other than worrying about past mistakes, you can look into improving your future by working on your present.

10 Movies That People Who Understand INCEPTION Can Only Understand

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