10 Movies You Need To Watch Twice To Understand!

2. Inception

This movie is very layered in a very real sense of the word. Once the audience finally grasp the concept of shared dreams where you can create your own reality all that crazy stuff. It will then given the idea that you can have dreams within dreams, and also dreams within dreams within dream,s and if you go far down enough into those dreams and get killed you end up in a dream limbo and you never wake up in real life. Each of the characters remains in one of these dream layers as the rest continued down into deeper dreamed in order to plant an idea into someone’s subconscious, otherwise known as Inception.

Then there’s the million dollar question that’s posed right at the end of the whole movie. Was Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Dominick Cobb was in a dream the whole time? Know that spinning top ever stop spinning? I ask myself that on a daily basis, am I dreaming? That’s pretty much the order of questions of people go through when they realize that Inception takes more than one viewing to fully grasp it.

Honorable mentions go to movies like The Departed, The Matrix, Mulholland Drive, Memento I know I’ve seen a lot of people online talking about them now. They’re all movies you guys will want to watch twice but they missed our list.

1. Fight Club

You may think that Tyler Durden is the best or worst thing to ever happen to Edward Norton’s character when they meet. But you can’t deny that it changes him a lot from a guy spiraling silently out control to one who takes charge for the first time of his own life, for better or for worse. But when things turned sour and he starts to suspect Tyler is up to something, a bit dangerous the truth begins to unravel that there is no Tyler Durden or rather he is actually Tyler Durden. It’s a mind blowing twist at the end of this movie and I know that when I first saw it I was like “How how could I possibly miss this, am i dumb or something?” And that’s what keeps people coming back to Fight Club.

You will struggle to find a movie that has more hints and more subtle references to what’s really going on in it than this one. Some of the best references are when the narrator beats himself up and says it reminds himself of his fight with Tyler because he is Tyler. And the fact that we see Tyler make an appearance before he’s properly on screen as a character, he gets spliced into single frames that most people ignore the first time because they’re certainly not looking for it. I mean why would you, but trust me the second time you will, you’ll be looking for every last detail you miss just like every movie on this list.

Anshay Tomar
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