10 M-U-R-D-E-R-E-R-S In History And Their Own Monuments

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Monuments in the earlier periods were the symbol of respect. People with good deeds had their monuments built so that the people remember them for longer. Take a look at these murderers.

But, do we know, even the murderers got their monuments built? Corruption is not an issue that is raised recently. But it has been brought forward from history. Since then people were under the terror of the bureaucrats.  The only difference is that the period didn’t have freedom of speech.

People knew the wrong happening to them but had no choice other than suffering. They were so terror-stricken that if the authorities asked for their life, they would happily sacrifice.

Not everyone is the same, and not everyone was ready to keep quiet. So, some decided to fight for the right. They stood against the authority and also had certain punishments, but nothing could stop them to help the nation.

Though at the end they had a tag of murderers, they managed to seek enough respect too. They proved the right wins no matter what the situation is. Their monuments have successfully kept alive their bravery.

Here are the murderers who had their monuments built. Though what they did was a cruel deed yet the purpose was respectful.

10. Nathan Bedford Forest 

Monument: Memphis, Tennesse

10 Murderers And Their Monuments

9. Nat Turner

Monument: Richmond, Virginia

8. Genghis Khan

Monument: East of Ulaanbaatar

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7. Enver Pasha And Talaat Pasha

Monument: The Abide- Turkey

6. John Mason

Monument: Windsor

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