10 Mysterious Deaths Which Were Allegedly Caused By Ghosts

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. We have been a constant viewer of those haunted movies and tv shows. Do you think the mysterious deaths that are shown have some connection with reality?

Though science and logic do not support these supernatural beliefs but there are many stories about some mysterious deaths. People attribute the cause to Ghosts.

Here is a list of 10 such mysterious deaths. The credit to them is with ghosts. Scroll down to read more about them.

10. The Hammersmith Ghost

This was a white creature who used to haunt the residents at night. The scared people made a few assumptions of it being a ghost. When the case was taken up by cops, it came out to be a man who masked as a ghost and took the murder scandal.

10 Mysterious Deaths Which Are Caused By Ghosts

9. The Curse Of King Tut

The Egyptians kept one of their pharaohs tomb open for the purpose of an archeological study. Soon after many deaths took place in the area. The study team lost many of their members.

8. Alcatraz’s Holy Ghost

Alcatraz is a prison which is also one of the most haunted places in the US. It is heard that the D block of the prison has some ghost presence. Also, there are mysterious deaths in the area.

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7. The Thai Widow Ghost

This is a story from Tambon Tha Sawang in Thailand. The soul of a widow used to walk around the lanes at night and killed men.

6. Carl Pruitt’s Cursed Grave

Carl was a man who caught his wife,s extramarital affair. He killed her and later committed suicide. Since then whosoever teases his tomb sacrifices their lives.

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