10 Normal Things That Are Illegal In North Korea!

From freedom of speech and internet to religion and international calls here are some “normal” things that are illegal in North Korea and people are directly executed without any delay if they break the rules.

Let’s Have A Look At The Normal Things That Are Banned In North Korea!

1. Internet

North Korea banned things

More than likely, People of North Korea will never know about this list or anything else that relies on the internet because accessing the world-wide web is strictly prohibited there.

2. Porn

No porn is legal in North Korea, Kim Jong Un had his Ex-girlfriend killed for making his s*x tape.

3. Religion

A woman handing out the holy book ‘Bible’ was killed for her religious enthusiasm even though North Korea claims it allows freedom of religion, but this seems to a lie.

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4. Traveling

Do you want to leave the country? Think again! if you have the luck of being born in North Korea you probably will never leave your country in your entire life.

5. Freedom of Speech

If you have an opinion that differs from that of the government, you better keep it to yourself. Otherwise, you will be arrested and executed for the charge of going against the government.

6. International Calls

A man was executed for making numerous international calls and his execution also led to the death of six other people who helped him to do so.

7. Owning a Car

Only state officials own a car That means about in North Koreans own a vehicle.

8. Music

Pop music means listening to music that comes from just about every nation that has beef with North Korea.

9. Watching TV

If you watch a show that just happens to be from the south you are taking a risk of being executed people were killed in for watching South Korean soap operas and to get the message across people were made to attend and watch.

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10. Drinking Alcohol

If there is a mourning period for the previous the supreme leader, you better obey it After Kim Jong passed a military officer was executed for violating the day period of mourning because he drank alcohol.

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