10 People Who Were Thought To Be Immortal!

Hello readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. For the fact, Jeanne Calment was the only lady who was reported to live the longest life. She was born in 1875, and she died in 1997 at the age of 122. By this fact, you may now have the idea on what this article is about. Today, we are going to know about the people in history who were thought to be immortal. Some of them died, and some disappeared. Let’s figure it out.

So, let us know about 10 people who were thought to be immortal:

1. Alex Chiu

He is a 46-year-old man. He says that he is immortal. Alex invented immortality magnetic rings. A person can wear them on fingers and toes. He believe that these rings will keep him immortal. He said that he had mixed some Chinese medicines to make this ring. This ring helps our body to regenerate cells and according to Alex, if body keeps on regenerating cell, you will never die. Even though, these rings are also available on amazon and anyone can buy them.

2. Leonard Jones

He was an American politician born in 1797. Jones claimed to be immortal. He believed that anyone could be immortal. People only need the right amount of fasting and praying to achieve that. He found a priest who was as same as he was. They together founded a live forever trust, and recruited those who believed the same. They wanted to build a city of immortals. His partner died. This embarrassed him. He kept on working for his notion and tried to fight for the seat of US president. He also died at 71, and lost faith of every supporter.

3. The Wandering Jewish Man

In Medieval Europe, there was a story of a jewish who was there at the crucifixion of Jesus. As he saw Jesus carrying the cross, the man taunted him and asked him to hurry up. Jesus turned and cursed him to be alive until he return again. Ahasuerus was his name, and so many people claimed that they have seen him. Sometimes, he was young, sometimes old. There are so many versions of the story. You can choose yours.

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4. The Immortal Monk

In 1972, a Russian leader, who was a buddhist monk gathered his followers to announce his own death. His name was Dashi-Dorzho-Itigilov. He said the Stalin, the Russian leader would persecute them and ordered them to flee.  He said, he would return in 75 years and in deep meditation he passed away. After many years, his body was explored. The monks were surprised to see his body in such good condition. Bones were flexible and body preserved. In 2002, his body was put on a temple, it was 75th year and he had returned.

5. Nicolas Flamel

Everyone may recognize his name from Harry Potter. He was the immortal wizard, who created the philosopher’s stone and was a great friend of Dumbledore. That fiction character is based on the real man Nicholas Flamel. He was a French scribe who was born in 1340, and our records show that he died in 1418. However, later in 1700’s people find that he is still alive. Everyone believed that he was an alchemist who discovered this powerful jewel. People also believed that he faked his own death, to protect this historical artifact. Some says the he may be still alive.

6. Merlin

Merlin was said to be the legendary wizard in the court of king Arthur. King Arthur is himself considered a legend. These two cannot be unwind. Merlin was half human and half demon. His demonic side is where he inherited his incredible powers, and abilities. But his human side allowed him to work for Lord Arthur and for good. One of these inherited power was immortality. Some people say his sightings can be found in history, after so many years of King Arthur. Other say this is the same story, told again and again. But, we believed what we came to know.

7. The Three Nephites

According to Mormons, Jesus visited America after his resurrection. He chose 12 apostles and when his time came to leave, he left three of them behind to live forever. They were supposed to do good and help humanity. Mormons believe that they are still with us. They pointed stories that there were three people, who helped others. They were seen many times before disappearing without leaving a trace behind.

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8. Achilles

Achilles Heel is supposed to be the hero of Trojan war. The story goes like this- He was dipped in the river styx. This river is the river which separates earth from hell. This made him invulnerable to everything, even to death. This is how he became immortal. except for his ankle, his ankle was held above river and it was vulnerable. He was murdered by a poisoned arrow which was injected to his ankle.

9. The Count of St. Germain

He was a European nobleman, who was born in 1961. Germain was deliberately known for his achievements and experiments in science, arts and philosophy. He was supposed to achieve immortality, after drinking elixir of immortality. This elixir was made by him through his mastery of alchemy. He went to European courts, and people were amazed to see that he has not aged a day in last 50 years. Many people claimed that he lived forever, and he himself once claimed to be of 300 years old using that universal medicine. There are so many stories prevailing about his existence.

10 People Who Were Thought to Be Immortal!

10. Qin She Huang

He was a famous Chinese emperor, whose dynasty lasted for 400 years. He was loved by all people of his kingdom. People loved him so much, that they thought he was immortal. This was a prophecy Qin was happy to fulfill and became obsessed with seeking immortality. He sent hundreds of his man to find the legendary elixir of life. Both attempts were a failure. He then died out of Mercury poisoning. He took so many pills of Mercury which was believed by his scientist will give him immortality. This did not happen.

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