10 People Who Survived The Impossible

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. For most of us getting through the workday and coming back home is considered as survival, but for some these things are a child’s play. Today we’re going to discuss such tales that show amazing resiliency of mind and body of a human who faced impossible situations and yet survived through it.

So let’s take a look at 10 people’s tales who survived the impossible

1. Ben Nyaumbe

The animal kingdom is full of fascinating creatures which includes us also. In Kenya in the year 2009 Ben Nyaumbe had to unfortunately face a python. The python caught Ben and coiled around his body and tried to swallow it, the reptile was 13 foot tall but Ben fought with it and covered his head with a t-shirt so that the python won’t start eating him. Then Ben bit his tale and as soon as the snake released him, he ran away and saved his life.

2. Twice Lucky

10 People Who Survived The Impossible

This Montana native went for hiking and came across a grizzly bear and her cubs. When he went near her cubs, the momma bear got upset and attacked him not once but twice and made his condition worse and broke his limbs and left deep wounds inside him. However he survived this brutal attack.

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3. Hiro Onoda

During the second World War Onoda was serving in Philippines and was also told to resist to the end and he did that, he never surrendered until 1974, almost 30 years after the war ended. He survived in the jungle for 30 years by killing the locals, shooting the cows and by stealing. After an official order he decided to end his war.

4. John Colter

He was an American trapper and had a hard life on the American frontier and in the year 1809 Colter and a colleague of his were attacked by black foot warrior. During this his friend got killed and Colter was made a prisoner and he was stripped of and told to run and for 11 days he fought his pursuers and traveled for about 200 miles to a friendly fort and yet survived.

5. Slavomir Rawicz

In the year 1940, Slavomir Rawicz was found imprisoned in a soviet gulag and he was a Polish Officer at that time. He however escaped from their possession but survival out there was kind of impossible as the area was very remote. Then Slavomir with his small group in the year 1941 trekked through Siberian forest across the Gobi desert and then the Himalayan mountains which was a 4000 mile journey and then reached India with his three other friend.


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