10 People Who Survived The Impossible

6. Anna Bagenholm

Anna was skiing with some friends in Norway and she fell into the water and got trapped between rocks and ice and her survival chances decreased there only. For about 40 minutes she remained conscious under the ice but cold overcame her and it took about 40 more minutes for her body to get retrieved. She survived with no pulse and also from severe case hypothermia and recovered within 9 hours of the rescue.

7. Sunken Survival

One morning in the rough seas Okene was abroad capsized off the Nigerian coast and among the rest of the crew Okene found a pocket of air and piled mattresses to stay above the water and for about 3 days he sat in the cold and wet in his little pocket of air 30m under the surface and survived through it and got rescued by the divers.

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8. Mauro Prosperi

When a sandstorm hit Mauro it caused him to become disoriented and then he started his 10 day ordeal which may have not left him alive. He found an old shrine and stayed there for many days and by drinking his own urine and eating raw bats he survived. When things went bleak he tried to cut his wrists but his blood clotted up because of dehydration. Yet he attempted to find help which paid him off and some goat herders found him and got rescued.

9. Vesna Vulovic

In the year 1972 Vesna served as a flight attendant in JAT flight 367 and at 33000 ft above the ground a bomb exploded which ripped the plane apart but Vesna survived this blast and the fall and recovered fully from her injuries. She also got a Guinness world record for the highest fall without a parachute.

10. Poon Lim

In the year 1942 was traveling from South Africa to Suriname in South America and during the voyage the ship torpedoed and sank. Poon got up the surface with the help of a raft and survived the storms and also ate fish and some seagulls and lived for about 133 days on that raft. He also killed a shark who tried to attack his raft and then in the year 1943 he got rescued by some Brazilian fishermen.

Honorable Mention

Carlos Rodriguez, who is also known by the name Sosa. He lost a significant portion of his brain and skull after getting injured in a crash. He went flying through his car’s windscreen and landing head-first on the road.

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