10 Precious Diamonds And Gems That Are Actually Accused

Hey Readers. Welcome Back to Humor Nation. Women always have a thing for gems. Also, men carry them under various superstitions. Gems have some superpowers to treat various issues. But what if the superpower is a curse?

Mentioned below is a list of 10 such gems. These diamonds and gems are even cursed to death.

10. The Hope Diamond

This blue gem worths a quarter of a $1B. This is the most famous diamond in the world. Whosoever owns the diamond faces a tragic end or ruins their life to extremes.

10 Precious Gems That Are Actually Accused

9. Delhi Purple Sapphire Ring 

A museum in London is the home for this piece. Its previous owners suffered financial crises and medical issues. The whole royal family was left broke to death.

8. Lydian Hord

This is a wide collection of jewelry. It was illegally purchased from turkey but its curse started ending lives. sooner, the owner returned it to the nation.

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7. The Koh-i-Noor Diamond

This curse is on males. All its male owners faced various financial losses. Some also lost their thrones. Though it is now in the crown of Queen Elizabeth, it got no trouble to her.

6. Priam’s Treasure

This is a set of cursed jewelry. It was lost after the world war and the loss actually proved to be beneficial to Turkey.

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