10 Pictures Of Famous Adult Film Stars Before And After Makeup

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Adult film stars looks stunning with their glamorous makeup. But when the cameras stopped rolling and they wipe it all away, it looked like any other regular woman. The transformation from before to after can be staggering and shocking. The adult film industry is a multi-billion dollar business that is dominated by the actresses. They make the big bucks and develop the largest groups of devoted followers like other celebrities.

These women often have to undergo a big transformation involving makeup and hair in order to play their part on the big screen. While we often see articles and magazines about regular celebrities without makeup you don’t see such a thing for adult entertainers. So today we will present to you some unseen pictures of adult film stars without their makeup. If you recognize any of these actresses when they’re not in front of the camera then you’re a fan.

So Let’s Take A Look At The 10 Surprising Pictures Of Famous Adult Film Stars Before And After Makeup

1. We have to give props to all the adult actresses who are willing to pose for pictures without makeup. Sure they stripped down to nothing when they shoot a film, but it goes to show what body confidence they have is stripped bare in this way.

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2. She looks so young and innocent in the before picture. Quite amazing just how cute so many of these adult entertainers look in there before pictures.

3. The fans of Lisa are used to seeing her fully dolled up for her adult entertainment work. So now seeing her with natural glamor makeup would be a surprise seeing her with no makeup on it.

4. It’s hard to believe that these both are the pictures of the same person. Seriously.

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5. Rachel shows what a difference some carefully applied product can make and all of these before-and-after photos that she shares on Instagram.

6. Ash is transformed from girl-next-door into vixen thanks to a load of wet look gloss and smoky eye makeup.

7. The makeup artists of Jessica use all kinds of clever tricks to change the shape of the face. 

8. Stormy walking down the street without makeup you’d have no idea she’d star in dozens of adult films, but when the makeup is applied she transforms into a glamorous celebrity.

9. I don’t believe it.

10. This product really works real well.

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