10 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real World!

Hey readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Pokemon is the cartoon everyone of us have seen in childhood. Even, some of us still like to watch this show. The creatures in the show amazed all of us. All these cartoon characters have some inspiration. Today, we bring you such pokemons, who exist in reality.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real World!

1. Drowsy

Drowsy is a mysterious looking pokemon who is inspired from Baku. The name Baku has two meanings in Japanese. The first is Malaysian Tapir which is a vegetarian pig. The other one is mysterious Japanese mythical creature who enters into people’s nightmares and scare them However, he is very kind.

2. Pikachu

Pikachu is everybody’s favorite. In show, his is this electricity generating mouse. He is so adorable and mostly recognized. Pikachu is inspired from a rare species of mouse found in mountain regions of Asia. The name of the real creature is Pika mouse. There are 23 types of Pika mice existing in reality. They are mostly found in China and Tibet. They make loud noises just like Pikachu of Pokemon.

3. Magikarp

Magikarp is a water pokemon. If you need Magikarp to form something, you will need thousands of them. Yellow rockfish inspired this creature. These two look identical to one another. The yellow rockfish is however more dangerous that the former.

4. Emolga

Emolga is the next adorable pokemon after Pikachu. He gets his inspiration from the flying squirrel. He is a electric pokemon who can also fly. Emolga is always battle ready. Both Emolga and flying squirrel can fly with the help of membranes between their hands and legs.  emolga stores his electricity in these membranes.  He also make cute pussy eye face to trap his opponent in his charm.

5. Poliwag

Poliwag is inspired from real life creature translucent Poliwog. They both have identical personality. Poliwag is a perfect example of pokemon that literally exist. He had cuts in the head which resembles the curly lines on Poliwog. However, Poliwag is much cuter and adorable than the real life translucent Poliwog.

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6. Caterpie

Caterpie is one of the Ash’s first catch. it is no doubt , the caterpie is inspired from the caterpillar. Precisely he is inspired from the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar. They have so much of resemblance.

7. Venusaur

Venusaur have red eyes and his massive feature is the flower growing right at the top of his head. The flower at the head is considered so heavy that the pokemon himself gets troubled. This pokemon is inspired from the Rafflesia Arnoldii, which is the largest flower in the world. It is found in rainy forest of Indonesia. The flower can grow upto 3 feets across and weigh up to 15 pounds in all. The smell is however, yuckkkk!

8. The Victreebel

The Victreebel is a dangerous pokemon. It’s inspiration also comes from a dangerous plant i.e., the pitcher plant. The pitcher plants are very dangerous and carnivorous. They have a sweet fluid which attracts the insect and when the inside come to them. The pitcher plant eat them. The plant takes all the nutrients from the insect’s body. However, Victreebel is not as dangerous as the pitcher plant. He have a high attack level and low defence level. The good thing is that , he has a normal happiness level. They are only fearful, when stressed or sense any attack.

9. Luvdisc

Luvdisc is a very cute water pokemon. She is heart shaped. She is inspired from kissing gourami. This fish actually has a face like she is pouting. although, she only uses this when fighting. Whatever, Luvdisc is very cute and adorable and lovable. At the times of danger, she can even protect herself and defeat anyone.

10. Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is a dual type pokemon. He is a grass slash poison pokemon. Bulbasaur is been around since the first generation. He is inspired by a frog and is a reptile. Bulbasaur have the exact body traits of a frog and he has a bulb on his back. He also appeared in Mario Super Smash Bros.

10 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real World!

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