10 Popular Cartoon Episodes That Were Banned!

banned cartoon episodes
Cartoon episodes are many people's childhood memories and we all loved them and grown with the characters as time goes by.

Cartoon episodes are many people’s childhood memories and we all loved them and grown with the characters as time goes by. They provide an excellent sense of humor and entertainment for kids around the world. But, it does not go without saying that some episodes were not suitable for kids to watch.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Popular Cartoon Episodes That Were Banned.

1. Pepper Pig.

An episode of Pepper Pig featuring a friendly spider named Mr. skinny legs has been banned from Australia. The episode depicts pepper took great interest in the spider and holding it by its thread. Australia is a home to some of the world’s deadliest spiders and this was one of the inappropriate cartoon episodes for viewers. A complaint was launched that it was sending the wrong message that the creatures were not scary. However, the episode was accidentally published online due to a technical problem leading to the channel publicly apologizing for the issue.

2. Dexter’s Laboratory.

Aside from the central plot of each episode of Dexter’s Laboratory, the Dial M for Monkey pushed comic book heroes to a new edge. In 2004, this episode was banned from airing in America and other countries. It was commonly believed that the episode was banned due to Spooner being considered a stereotype of gay men. However, it was due to threats by the creator of Silver Surfer, who viewed the silver spinner as a misuse of their character and a potential copyright infringement.

3. Sailor Moon.

It is one of the most successful animated series worldwide and has helped in sparking the phenomenon of anime culture in the US. But, did you know that it was also one of the most censored and edited animated shows on American television. It is difficult to imagine how subversive children animated series can be? Yet Sailor Moon transcended the age of its audience by dealing with life issues. It was thought to be more mature than the average American cartoon. However, it was the maturity of its subject matter with the reoccurring theme of adolescent sexuality and homosexuality that resulted in heavy censorship.

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4. TailSpin.

In the final episode of the series, Balu had to deliver a bomb to a foreigner’s home in hopes that the resulting war, it would mean high profits for the bomb maker. Balu didn’t know he was attempting an assassination and the resulting in banning of the cartoon episodes. The idea of assassination, terrorists and transporting a bomb on an airplane makes it hard to believe it actually made it to air. Disney ultimately banned the episode altogether shortly.

5. Pokemon.

The episode Beauty and the beach from Pokemon is one of the most well-known. The stories had female characters all entered into a beauty contest. The episode was banned from the air as it didn’t satisfy to the right audience. In one of the scenes, James from Team Rocket also entered the beauty contest donning a suit with inflatable breasts. The scenes had James showing off his artificial breasts for humorous effect taunting Misty by saying maybe one day when you’re older, you’ll have a chest like this. James went on to puff up his breasts to twice their original size. This left many Parents in shock and the episode was taken down soon.

6. Sesame Street.

This episode in which the Wicked Witch of the West lost her broom from flying over Sesame Street prompted large amounts of negative mail from parents. The parents have concerned that their children were afraid and now refused to watch the show. Parents were complaining that the villains appears had upset the kids and reduced them to tears. Due to overwhelming reactions, there were multiple screen testings to assess the children’s reaction to the episode. This was one of those few cartoon episodes which were taken down for safe measure.

7. Pokemon.

This is another episode from the Pokemon series that got taken down. However, it is for a completely different reason. In the episode electric soldier porygon, there is a scene in which Pikachu stops missiles with its Thunderbolt attack resulting in a huge explosion. That explosion rapidly flashes red and blue lights for a brief moment, these bright flashes of light caused some health issues. Viewers notice symptoms of blurred vision, headaches and dizziness. According to a report, total of 685 viewers who were taken to the hospital. The news of the symptom spread quickly throughout Japan and the episode was taken down.

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8. The Simpsons.

The cartridge family tried to tackle the issues of responsible gun ownership in a classic way. In actuality, the UK was the only country to specifically ban the episode due to their strict gun control policy. The episode sparked controversy when Homer and Bart were seen messing around with the gun in a way that made it look like it was a goofy toy.

9. South Park.

It was not only banned in several European countries but ultimately also in the U.S., the last episode of South Park’s 14th season attempted to satirically address outrage over the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad. Comedy Central wasn’t willing to take the risk. So, they heavily censored the dialogue with audio beeps as well as an image of Muhammad.

10. Tiny Toon.

This is one of those cases that will teach you not to drink and drive. In one episode, the toons find a beer and started drinking it. Once they are all under the influence, they proceed to steal a car and start driving it around. The episode ended with them driving off a cliff only to hit the ground to their death. This probably isn’t the type of thing parents want their three-year-old to see and we can see why the episode was quickly banned.

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