10 Popular Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

Hello Readers! Welcome To Humor Nation. Tourist attractions have always been the specialty of the world. Tourists and their interests in visiting these sites have always been improving the development and securities around these. Nut the frequent Visits of tourists have proved to be degrading for these sites.

Here we have brought to you the 10 Popular Tourist attractions that no longer exists. 

1. Maya Bay – Phi Phi Islands

This beach from Thailand got good fame among tourists after a movie. No sooner, the tourist count witnessed a rapid increase. The beach had to be condemned after 2019.

10 Popular Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

2. Coral On Christmas Island

This place was the hub for corals reefs. But due to excess heat, the reefs died and the place ended up with a dried beauty.

3. Guaira Falls Brazil

These beautiful waterfalls were a perfect retreat. The requirement of resources leads to its deterioration. This tourist spot ended up in 2006.

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4. Altamira Caves

The Caves held in them the imprints of the historical culture. The tourist had their interest in knowing more and they scratched and spoiled the paintings.

5. Chacaltaya Glacier

Global warming and its reactions are hidden from none. These glaciers also had to surrender. The 18000 ft ice stone slowly lost its area and disappeared forever.

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