10 Popular Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

6. Nohmul Pyramid

This place was a hub for limestones. But no good thing can be kept safe for longer. Humans used al the available resources for infra development and the place ended to nothing.

7. Lake Poopo In Bolivia

The climate also had a great impact on these tourist areas. The beautiful lake poopo dried up due to excess heat and extreme climate conditions.

8. Wedding Cake Rock

This beautiful rock had its own stability issues and that is why was kept under security. Tourists jump onto it for their selfie desires. It was left to end up by its own.

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9. Reef on Raja Ampat

The coral reefs have always been beautiful eye treats. The take quite a long time to form. These reefs were spoiled due to ships dragging from there.

10. Duckbill, Oregon

This was a beautiful natural monument. A group once had an accident over there when one of the members lost the limb. The other mates destroyed the spot for revenge purpose.

10 Popular Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

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