10 Most Powerful Weapons in Supernatural

10 Most Powerful Weapons in Supernatural

We have seen a lot of weapons in the twelve seasons of the TV show Supernatural. Today we will be counting down the ten most powerful weapons in Supernatural. The weapons will be ranked according to their power and regardless of whether they are divine or magical in nature.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most Powerful Weapons in Supernatural!

1. One of the most powerful weapons in the Supernatural universe.

2. The Soul Bomb is really powerful, the fact that it could have destroyed the darkness just goes to show how much destructive this weapon is.

3. Originally created and crafted by the archangel Michael to use it as a weapon against Lucifer. The lance gave Castiel angelic poisoning and it made Ramiel explode into dust.

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4. The First Blade is capable of killing almost anything. But it can be used only with the Mark of Cain.

5. The personal blades of the four archangels which is capable of killing an archangel. This blade can also kill reapers, demons, hell hounds and other entities.

6. Those objects or items that were touched directly by the god has an essence, power of the god in them. It can kill demons and even harm the archangels.


7. The Colt can kill anything except five things in creation which includes the archangels, Leviathans, Eve, Four Horsemen, God & Amara.

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8. Similar to the lance of Michael, this spear was used by Lucifer. This spear pierced through the vessel of Amara.

9. Crowley made this gun to deal with the angels. It is also capable of killing demons.

10. Artemis’ bow and arrows can kill the immortal deities. 

10 Most Powerful Weapons in Supernatural

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