10 Preserved Body Parts Of Famous People!

10 Preserved Body Parts Of Famous People!

Hello folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. As we know Einstein’s brain is still kept under the supervision of science. There are many body parts as such which are preserved. This is what we are going to learn today.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Preserved Body Parts Of Famous People!:

1. Galileo’s Finger

Galileo died in 1642. He was the scientists and the main person behind science revolution. 95 years later of his death, somebody cut hit middle finger and put it in a jar. Nowadays, this finger is kept in Florence history of science museum.

10 Preserved Body Parts Of Famous People!

2. Einstein’s Brain

Einstein was probably one of the greatest scientist. His brain was kept preserved under scientists supervision to know what made him different. But, it was stolen. Later, it was discovered in 1978 and now is held by the National Museum of health and medicine in Washington D.C.

3. Buddha’s Tooth

Buddha is considered as one of the most inspiring man ever. He had been followed by the world Buddhism religion. When he died in 483 BC. His body was being cremated and fire was set to the pyre. Everything burned down except a teeth. This is a cherished relic over the decades. Few thousand years back there was even a war fought over this teeth. This relic sits in a temple of The sacred tooth relic in Sri Lanka.

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4. Pregnant Mother

Gunther Von Hagens is the man responsible for developing a preservation technique known as-plastination-whereby the skin is peeled off a dead body and everything underneath is preserved by replacing the bodily fluids with a special plastic material. That is what he did for one of his most controversial works on the remains of this pregnant mother and her unborn fetus. He said his exhibitions have helped public to understand the human body to deeper level.

5. Dan Sickles Leg

Major general Dan Sickle was a commander in union army during American civil war. During the battle of Gettysburg, he took a canon on his leg, which broke the bone in two pieces. He had his leg amputated later. He sent it to the Army Surgeon General for his display of body parts, along side with the weapon which did this. This contribution had made a fine but gruesome addition to the collection. It is on display till now.


6. The Child Arm

This one comes from Frederik Ruysch- a dutch artist in 17th century, who liked to display human bodies in a way that crossed both science and arts.One of his famous art is this, a child’s arms connected with a dura matter above. He used alcohol for preservation. Much of his work can now be found in Russian collection.

7. 9 foot Colon

It belongs to a man who died in 1882, due to a disease called Hirschsprung diseases. It made him very constipated sometimes he may go to week without a bowel movements. He died on the toilet from extreme constipation and scientists preserved his colon, which contain more than 40 pounds of fetus at the time of his death.

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8. Rasputin’s Penis

He was a famous Russian mystic and advisor to Tsar Nicholas II. He was murdered in 1916 and supposedly castrated. His penis was lost and then found some years later. Som even say this is a sea cucumber or a horses’ penis. The Russian museum where it is kept, cover it with red cloth and you’ve to hit the little button to pull the curtain back.

9. Jeremy Bentham’s Head

When this English philosopher died in 1832, he left a request in his will, that his body be preserved. His skeleton is there underneath the clothes and is filed out with straw. Bu this head was mummified using an ancient technique from native New Zealanders. The experiment failed and his head looked worse. His head was than replaced by a wax replica and his head is kept nearby.

10. The Murderer’s Head

This is the preserved head of Diogo Alves – a Portuguese serial killer, and the last man to be hanged in any country.  He was finally caught after he and his gang murdered over 70 poor people. After the hanging, some local scientists asked for his head so they could study it. They believed it will help them to discover the nature of the brain. They wanted to understand the serial killer’s psychology.

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