10 Questions Which Are Still Unanswered By Science!

Hello folks! Hope you are doing well. Welcome back to your favourite Humor Nation. Science is definitely something which have answered all our ancient as well as new questions with logical reasons behind. From How earth formed? to is life possible on any other planet?, everything is answered by science and NASA. Still, if we dig into deep there are some questions that are still unexplained by science.

So, let us know about these 10 questions which are still not answered by science:

1. Does god exist?

Science has significantly described the formations of planets, creation of universe through big bang. Although, science itself is not able to answer what preceded big band and why that happened? Science had also not yet revealed that what is the energy that binds the whole universe together. Why such formation, that we see of solar system exist? and so on.

2. How are memories stored and retrieved?

Whenever we learn a new fact, physical changes occur across a network of synapses and neurons. Though, neurologist had not yet understood, what these changes are and how they hold knowledge and in which form. There are some concepts available how memories are stored but the most baffling thought is about memory retrieval. Scientist could not understand that how in a fraction of the second memories from the past are retrieved. The mystery still prevails. Researchers are trying to unveil the facts.

3. Why do we dream?

Early civilizations thought that dreams are the conversation between humans and gods, this theory was accepted by modern scientists. Scientists believe that dreams are the depiction of one’s desires. They help in sleep researched and connect mind to emotions. The rapid eye movement is also noticed while dreaming through research. However, why do we envisage strange images during sleep is still a puzzle.

4. Why do we yawn?

Even though, scientists believe that yawning chills our mind, make us relax and boost our intellectual performance. The reason behind this common reflex is still a query. The fact, that yawning is contagious is more of an enigma. There are some evolution theories that says that this gesture we adopted, is from our ape ancestors. They used it as a signal to communicate. The bewilderness of these theories is also a riddle that is to be solved.

5. What is the universe made off?

Atoms are the building elements of everything we see around. But, according to astronomers, universe have only 5% of atoms as their composition. Other 95% is still unexplained. It is believed that most of the universe is made of dark matter and dark energy. The dark matter is responsible for  binding the universe together and the dark energy is  engaged in the expansion of the matter. But, what actually dark matter and dark energies are is not answered yet.

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6. What happens after we die?

According to medical science, there are two types of death. The clinical death when heart stops beating and biological death –  when the other organs shut down. But, what happened after a person dies is still elusive to researchers. There are no concrete reasons, neurological or biological behind this phenomena has ever been found.

7. Is human cryopreservation possible?

Science cryo science has preserved so many tiny things like blood vessels and other more things. Can this technique of cryopreservation help us freeze and restore complex system like human body? Scientists has being working over this technique and they believe that yes in future they can make this happen too. By applying dozens of technique cryopreservation is brain is possible too, may be human could be restored in future.

8. What is at the bottom of the black hole?

So many, theories have been developed, regarding black hole. But, still this is a perplexing question which is unanswered still, i.e., what lies at the bottom of the black hole? Einstein even said in a theory, that black hole continues to cave in until they become infinitesimally small. Some astronomers and physicists believe that the black holes are portholes to other universes. But the reality, behind the black holed with significant proof is still a quest.

9. Do ghosts exist?

So many stories and videos about the existence of ghosts are present in world. But there is no scientific reason to this condition. Ghosts hunters and scientists have used both thermal and electromagnetic fields to catch them. However, no convincing evidence is found in science. There are so many theories that these are due to mental and ocular vibrations of brain. These theories are not approved and disapproved. An appropriate solution is still to be found.

10. How does the placebo effect work?

This phenomena where a fake treatment can improve patient’s heath, just because they firmly believe in it, left scientists, doctors and others awestruck. A review of clinical trial that tested pain medications over the past 25 years, has shown that in American drug trials, the healing power of placebos have even become stronger.

10 Questions Which Are Still Unanswered By Science!

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